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  1. Taking it Day by Day

  2. So true. Ive never met anyone whos cleared their skin with chemicals. Def. Trying watdr method
  3. That's very true well so far today I havnt put any chemicals on my face. By the way how clear is your skin?? Ill keep you updated on how it goes for me.
  4. Oh okay thankyou how. Long do I have to wait to see results?? I really hope its a month. Wish me luck I'm starting today )
  5. Wow i really scared to try this. Although it does make sense. Nothing ive tried has cleared my acne. Its just kept it from getting worse.
  6. Okay thankyou so much "livelaughfart" starting Monday (due to the holidays I will eat nothing but fruits n mostly vegetables plus ill cut out soda and drink pure water. I think ill stay take my fish pills since they're not having a bad affect on me so far
  7. This. Is all very good information but a bit confused from all the posts. I eat a lot of red meat since that's all my mom usually makes but I love vegetables and fruits. However I don't like sea food so I take fish oil pills. So, my question is what foods should I absolutely avoid?? I'm about 80% percent clear but do have a lot of acne scars. However, I still do breakout on my jaw every now and then. Any examples of foods I should eat for a week at least to test the difference in my skin?
  8. @ derkchang Hey, I'm using Spring Valley All Natural Regular Strength Fish Oil 1000 MG ....it is a 300 mg/omega 3. So far no big new breakouts. However, I just have a week with them. I'm curious what's yourb daily regimen that you do along with taking the fish oil??