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  1. dont use shakes all mixes i found to break me out. heres how to gain weight fast. eat 5-6 meals a day and make sure they are all MEAT dinner time eat plenty of vegetables wiht meat and fruit as snacks. thats it. try not to eat pasta and rice unless its brown rice and 100% whole wheat pasta. but i try to eat double of what i would normally eat per meal and eventually it just grew on me where i was hungry alot all the time and i gained weight great for muscle without anymore mixes THANK GOD cause
  2. i started this in january. got offline for months. and now randomly logged on. i just want to tell everyone my regimen. i use doxycycline still. just one 100 mg pill a day on empty stomach. i wash with hibiclens still and i use the baby brush method. my acne all went away after about 6-7 months of doxy. but i get the occasional bump still. my redmarks used to be extrememly bright and now they are just faint. although about 1 months ago my derm gave me a topical called ziana ( DO NOT USE THIS) i
  3. yo bro long time no talk i havent gotten online in a very long time. and it sucks that i see this as your last post. hopefully by now maybe youre clearing up immensively i hope.. all my acne is gone but i still have faint red marks. in my house lighting its very faint but in sunlight its a bit brighter and also my derm screwed me and gave me a topical i told him i didnt want then i tried it and it bleached my skin..i think permenantly... im pissed. my cheeks are white and rest of face tan its si
  4. 1-10 ten being worse. your skin is a 2.. theres your booster man. stop worrying about your acne i wish i had skin as clear as yours,
  5. sup bro long time! i think the proccessed food is whats causing your acne. and maybe jerking it? i found out i kept getting chin acne wafter i jerked... :/ then i quit again and chin acne is gone again.. so maybe that could be it. also i got loads of acne when i kept eating ALOT of cookies and crap. so i stopped that and things have calmed down as well. i figured out what i think has been helping me over the past few weeks. absolutely no dairy. a few snacks a day(proccessed food ie honey buns o
  6. im not a fan of baking soda. you could try lemon juice. lemon is a natural skin lightening agent. thats why people say to use it on redmarks. but anything you try will take a long time to completely get rid of them. the key is to find one thing and to stick with it consistently for months and months. not just a few weeks.
  7. youre welcome and yes they seem a bit lighter! congrats lol they will be gone before you know it
  8. im on doxy now for 2 months and it has not done a thing at all with my acne that i can tell. from what i read from you seems like maybe you are having minor allergic reactions. i did not experience this reaction when i started.
  9. Lol I know it sounds pretty fucked up but my head was all over the place that day...part of me regrets stopping but seeing it doesn't count I'm kind of happy. I did 'hurt' a little after though haha so if thats the case, I'm on day 33 One Love hahah dude youre sick jk man glad youve been abstaining i started again maybe a few times a week and i started to get bad flare ups. i was also eating alot of sugar and junk though.. now ive quit both well still a few cookies but mostly quit and
  10. yes. you can use susbtitute products and follow the regimen that is mentioned in the directons on the regimen page. if the moisturizer is bothering you switch it to the one you like. i bet your skin will feel alot less irritated and clear up more. good luck!
  11. im glad your skin is better cause dang you are hot.
  12. lol my goal was set for march.... its the end of april... wow who was i kidding. fortunately i think im looking better than i did when i first got acne.. although i still get bumps and alot of clogged pores. i think when i eat alot of junk food my acne gets worse though.. im experimenting.. any way glad everyone is still following ill give a better update in a few days.. my birthday is in 8 days and i have to spend it with acne on my face..
  13. maybe God is mad at you cause you never listen to your mom and punishing you with acne.. be a better person with respect and maybe you will feel better about yourself
  14. doesnt count. thats just weird to tease yourself bro... :/