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  1. any 1 used it ? and results im on the edge to buying it. off ebay feedback?
  2. no part of my face is oily... i do touch it and stuff but
  3. ok new link here http://img308.imageshack.us/img308/610/forhead2iy.jpg
  4. Ok this is my forehead its been going on for 2 years the only place i get a zit is within this circle no where else? could some 1 tell me why its all concentrated here and how i can get rid of these? regards joen http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=7/21018142091.jpg&s=x1
  5. i was on mino no black marks but redmarks are taking their time :~(
  6. ill give it a go BS = Bicarb Soda ? right ?
  7. yes it does. MARS especially. when i eat 2 bars 2 cysts but what i done one day was i ate atleast 2 boxes of those Favourites and i got rid of the choclate|then acne thing. so now it dosnt effect me.
  8. well i was watching my mum n dads wedding they had 0 marks and 0 pimples.. OH no 1 back then did also its the food , enviroment that causes this disease in near future it will be gone
  9. FOR ALL THE ACNE'D UP PEOPLE CRY NOW LAUGH LATER WHILE THE CLEAR SKIN'RS LAUGH NOW CRY LATER. "acne" is an experience now we know how to bring up our kids so they dont have acne i mean when we are parents ( we all will be in all as in 100% of us ) we will give our kids good deitry foods etc while people who are clear wont know the things we do about this experince so in long term we will win if u dont beleive me go ask ur parents now "mum/dad would u rather I have acne or U" 100% of them will sa
  10. you kill me i have red marks only on my forehead they dont move what do u do to help them go?
  11. nope its bs i sleep on my side i have 0 pimlpes on either cheecks
  12. broken


    Hey i have a few red marks ( normal ) but around them there is all this brown marking of patches like patches of skin looks uneven what could i be how to remove?