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  1. Buy a good moisturizing and a silicone based foundation primer. It's deigned to fill in and soften pores/texture so it's smooth. Please don't do anything drastic, you'll just make it worse.
  2. Easier said than done, but you should work on self acceptance. As others have already said, your skin looks great. If you wore a good moisturizer and a thin layer of silicone based foundation primer, just on its own, it would help to soften any texture. I have the same problem with textured skin on my forehead that would hardly constitute as actual scarring, and primer does wonders.
  3. If they are mild then yes needling will make a difference, but I personally don't think it's worth it to get it done professionally considering how much each session typically costs. I would purchase a 1.5 mm derma stamp (don't get a derma roller) and use it every 4-6 weeks. You'll want to do do a lot of research on pre and after care. Keep in mind that all collagen induction treatments take time. It will take several months at least to see improvement. Take lots of pictures to track your progr
  4. Factoid is right about TCA peels. They won't do much except help with overall texture and anti-aging. Assuming your scarring is more than superficial, your best bet is probably subcision and suctioning, then perhaps micro needling again just to help even out the texture. Also, you should be taking a lot of pictures of your skin to track progression, otherwise you may not be noticing improvement.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Have you considered subcision plus suction?
  6. Personally, I think derma rollers carry more risk than benefits due to the way they penetrate the skin and create micro trenches. Derma stamping is safer and more effective in the long run, but micro needling in general is meant for very superficial scarring.
  7. Early stages of rosacea. It sounds like heat is a trigger for your flushing (it is for most people). As others have suggested, laser treatments like v beam are often used and very effective for reducing flushing and baseline redness. If it's very mild, at home red light therapy is also another option but takes a while to see results (6 weeks+). There are tutorials online on how to make your own device which is actually what I've done. Most devices online are way overpriced and use parts that are
  8. If it happened around the time you burned your skin it's probably related to that. Did the burn leave a scar or something or has it just been persistently red since then? I don't think vitamin D deficiency has anything to do with although that can cause a host of other issues so it's important you get your levels up ASAP.
  9. Inflammation often makes pore appear larger, whether it's from retin-a, bp, certain scar treatments etc. It often happens when you first start using retin-a ,for example, and don't give your skin time to adjust. My skin was red, flaky and inflamed with large pores until my skin adjusted to it. There are also skin conditions like rosacea that can cause orange peel like textured skin.
  10. I haven't seen you post on here in a long time. Did you share your results? I'd like to see if you have any before and after pictures. I'm so glad to hear it made a difference for your skin.
  11. Are you currently using a moisturizer? It sounds like you need to be moisturizing more than you currently are if your skin is that dry and flaky. My skin looked awful when I first started using tretinoin and I had the same experience you did. It went away after my skin adjusted to using it about 6 weeks later.
  12. How long has it been since you used it? Do you have a good quality picture that shows the orange peel texture? I highly doubt this is anything permanent, but it does sound like your skin is persistently inflamed if it's dry and scaly. That itself accentuates any pores making them appear larger.
  13. To the OP, I'm really sorry you suffered acne for so long and definitely feel for you...but the others are right. I tried natural and homeopathic remedies for acne and scars for years out of desperation and was left angry and upset every time time. Sometimes I would get temporary "improvements" that were entirely coincidental, and then I'd be back to square one. No one here is trying to spread hate but to help you to understand that this is not only physiologically impossible to improve scarring
  14. Don't use a dermaroller, get a dermatstamp instead. Dermarollers are dangerous and can make scarring worse. Also, don't use retin-a while needling.
  15. The redness will fade, but the pitting is permanent unless you have scar revision treatment done. I can promise you that when the redness goes away the pits won't look nearly as bad.
  16. Microdermabrasion is kind of joke to be honest. Subcision plus suction is your best bet, and then some kind of resurfacing treatment to really tighten and smooth any remaining texture. As others have said, it's possible to get 70% + improvement, but it's also important to keep your expectations realistic. I think subcision and suctioning would give you great results.
  17. It doesn't mean you can never have decent looking skin, it's just important to weigh the risk/benefit ratio of certain treatments. A lot of people on here have gotten amazing long-lasting results from combining different treatments like subcision/suctioning, micro needling, excision, chemical peels and occasionally lasers too. Lasers just happen to be the priciest option which Is why I'm not a big fan myself. With all of these treatments other than excision, scars are expected to worsen with age
  18. Just to clarify my earlier post, the collagen induction produced from laser resurfacing IS permanent. The catch is, lasers can't stop you from aging , so as the years go by you lose that newly formed collagen again and scars will resurface (although different than the way they were before). When I say that the results last X amount of years, I'm referring to how long it takes to lose that collagen again. If you have multiple sessions of a more ablative laser you'll have much longer lasting resu
  19. I compiled a list of some results from subcision, some combined suctioning and others didn't. And some others:
  20. Yes, suctioning is safe. You can order a suction cup from owndoc, they're really cheap. Oh right, so you would do the suctioning at home? Is it safe to do something like this at home on your own? I currently do dermastamping in harley street, so would I then combine it with suctioning to get even better results?
  21. Suctioning is something you do at home. Apparently, needling combined with suctioning can help break up the fibrotic tissue pulling the scar down. I honestly am not sure the science behind it is credible, but people have claimed (and provided pictures) that it has helped them.
  22. The results are probably dependent on the type of scars you have, how deep they are, the length of the needles, how you're performing it , how often and your post needling routine. That being said, it could just be that it didn't work for you for whatever reason. I would try derma stamping and combining that with suctioning. Most of the "success" stories I have heard of involved suctioning. If you have deeper scars, get subcision before you needle, otherwise it's pointless.
  23. Lasers work for some people, but the hate they get is definitely warranted. For one, they are ridiculously overpriced, carry a lot of risks (including more scars), orange peel texture, etc and the results last 1-5 years depending on the laser and the amount of sessions. I think they may be worth it for anti-aging purposes, but acne scars are a whole different ballgame.
  24. Hi, I've done a little bit of research on AMVC... as I was actually experiencing spontaneous scarring for a short period of time and for whatever reason eventually stopped getting new scars. I wonder if subcision would be the safest way to go in this kind if situation? Since you are just treating the scars themselves and not surrounding skin...less chance of inflammation triggering more scars. Has anyone had this done? I'm just curious. I feel so sorry for anyone who has to deal with this.
  25. If you have rolling scars definitely go with subcision. Recell is great but is being used more for burns right now. What we are dealing with is loss of tissue as well as very dense, fibrotic scar tissue that for many people, needs to be manually pulled from the the deeper layers of skin. Seriously, subcision is so cheap compared to lasers... the worst that can happen is it doesn't do much for you. If you go through a lot of acne scar success stories, nearly all of them involve subcision.