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  1. After 4 months, spots had stopped appearing and I was clear. Hang on in there, my skin got quite bad a few times in the first month or so, but things do get better!
  2. Definitely give it a go! It was a last resort for me as I was a little apprehensive about becoming dependent on BP, but it has cleared my skin. Took around 3 months to get completely clear though, so make sure you stick it out! Also, things (for me) got worse before they got better. Just hang in there - what have you to lose?
  3. People experience results with both really, however in my case BHA was too strong. Even AHA was a little strong to begin with, and caused some breakouts, but now it's fab. Give both a go
  4. Cetaphil moisturising lotion is great, I think you can get it at boots or there's always feelunique, etc online. If you want an SPF, get a dedicated one (ie- not one that is just an addition to your moisturiser). They're generally in such small quantities and the amount applied is barely enough to protect your skin. The la roche posay anthelios range is fantastic for spf, but spf isn't a replacement for a moisturiser!
  5. There's no one answer fits all - some people may be completely fine, while others may relapse in a matter of days. I'd say try to gradually reduce your usage in preparation for coming off the regimen, and see what happens. Try once a day for a couple of weeks, then once every couple of days, etc. Then you'll have a better understanding of how your skin will react
  6. Exact same thing happened to be at about the same time. Hang on in there, took me 4 months *fingers crossed* for my breakouts to actually stop appearing. It's worth it in the end
  7. In my case, yes. However, I am still applying a light layer of treatment 2x a day. I've only been using the treatment since the new year, and have been clear for about 2 weeks, so am hesitant to go down to 1x a day just yet.
  8. Yep, agree with everything that's been said. My skin didn't show any considerable improvement until 3rd month. It was hard to stick with it, but please do - the results are amazing
  9. I received a bottle of the cleanser today but the packaging is really different to what I normally receive. Is this new packaging? Can anyone advise? Thanks
  10. Hi Dan, Country: UK I currently order from Amazon which is fantastic - my orders arrive within 5 working days and they're usually dispatched the same day/next day - brilliant! However, like some of the above posters, something needs to be done about import duties. Whether this be having an option to pay these duties in advance at the Amazon checkout, like some sellers offer, or supplying smaller sizes of products (eg. 6oz sizes) that are just below the VAT threshold for international consumers
  11. This is a fantastic idea! Thanks, will deffo try it out [Edited image out]