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  1. Thank you Ladies, so i have nothing to worry about...What about the oil? does it decrease alot? my skin is extremely oily and embarrassing i'd love for the oil to have gone or decreased alittle
  2. Hi Ladies, I went to the Dr's on friday and she prescribed me Zynerit for my body acne and dianette for my irregular periods. I also suspect this will help with my acne because i have suffered with it for almost 10 yrs, might be hormonal...I start Dianette next month but one of the side effects that scare's me is the weight gain. HOw much weight is gained? are we talking about afew lbs or like a stone? I'm fairly slim/toned and like to work out but of course if the weight gain is through wate
  3. Initial breakout? YUP!!! and it went on for almost 3 years!!! I really hope you have success on this one! My acne got worse and worse and worse... then right before getting better...I would breakout in the exact same spots!! I hate that! other things to consider...I had -major migraines -major mood swings -leg cramping -body aching constantly -constant need to sleep -could cry at any given moment -my skin seemed to produce more oil skin never improved I was wanting this
  4. Yes, it reduces your oil production, which means there is less oil for the bacteria to feed on, and less oil to clog your pores. You do not need to have hormonal acne (by the way, I have never been clear how this differes from regular acne) for the pill to clear your skin. You just need acne that is made worse by oil production. I do not have hormonal acne; I breakout all through my cycle with only a small increase before my period, and I don't get acne on my jawline (where hormonal acne is s
  5. Thank you..this thread is pointless and should be locked, and to add insult to injury certain members are adding racist slurs...
  6. How do you know when BC is suitabe for yourself? because i have acne on my back and alittle on my chest area aswell as my face with oily skin? Does BC help with oily skin?
  7. As a light skinned caribbean female i'm offended...and what exactly were you taught about black women? How can you say your not attracted to darker women when you never meet all the dark skinned women in the world? it really pisses me off when ppl say shit like that and justify themselves with that 'im not racist crap because my friends are black blah, blah,'' you may not be racist be your sure as hell ignorant. I wonder what your friends would think if they knew your thoughts. I respect that yo
  8. I started using it from yesterday. I used it afew yrs ago but not for long enough, when it was launched. It's so much of a coincedence that i'm using it now and started visiting this board again. The ingredients seem harmless and my skin is prone to breakouts and highly sensitive, i've checked out that link and it seems like the good results outway the bad
  9. Caribbean, we have the black, spanish chica's, dutch, chinese and indian heritage......and the different shades to match
  10. I took b5 two yrs ago. I started very low 2g, my acne was mild/moderate at the time. I went up to 4g the second month. It took 1 month for me to notice some results and by the forth month i was 80-90% clear the only reason why i stayed at 4g was because i couldnt afford to buy it on a regular basis...anyhoo i was on b5 for almost a year with Hardly any acne but came off it cos it was causing chronic fatigue and i was often hungary for no reason and yes u guessed it my acne came back......since t
  11. I need suggestions, im currently using neutrogena deep cream cleanser and the triple action toner which are probably to harsh whilst on my accutane. Anyhoo what i purpose to do since i wear make up use a cleanser in the evenings and wash with just waster in the mornings or when im not going out but i need some ideas of a gentle face wash/cleanser? What are you guys using? Thanx Alot!!!
  12. Well actually they look more like lots of skin coloured bumps along with pimples im presuming its part of the initial breakout and not a rash becuase rashes are itchy and mine doesnt itch has anybody else had a bad breakout for taking 20mg of accutane? fanx
  13. Its been 13days since i've taken Ro(Accutane) and so far not much changes maybe my skin is a little less oilier and my lips are dry. I wasn't expecting results overnight but anyway i think i'm experiencing my intial breakout it looks more like fine ''skin coloured'' bumps/rashes......is this what the breakout is? I just want somebody to clarify this? P.s bear in mind im taking 20mg!