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  1. I need to update this to report that what is really working for me is both the Panoxyl soap ALONG WITH DRASTICALLY REDUCING MY DAIRY INTAKE. It took some time for me to determine this. Neither are as effective on their own as the combination of both.
  2. I've had chest/shoulder/back acne since puberty, some 25 years ago. Tetracycline worked well in my teens. Developed cystic acne in my early 20's, which Accutane cured. But the body acne returned. Only a mild case, though the back of my scalp just above the hairline could get embarrasingly bad at times (stupid thing to get embarrased about). Found this forum, and another post talking about PanOxyl, so gave it a shot. And, WOW. Great results. Had to share with anyone on here in the same boat.
  3. I would see a dermatologist if I were you.
  4. Accutane is scary/incredible stuff. For people like me, it worked wonders, and I consider myself lucky (knock on wood). It dramatically improved my life by curing my cystic acne completely when I was in my early-mid 20s (now late 30s), with only dry skin as a side effect. Avoided a ton of scarring. Heart goes out to folks enduring cystic acne and its aftermath.
  5. My advice is a fresh, loose fitting cotton t shirt every night, after a shower using Panoxyl bar soap. See the "Take a lookie. This helps." thread. I use it twice a day. I was having luck with Gold Bond also, but it's a hassle vs. Panoxyl.
  6. THANK YOU, OP! You, sir, are a scholar among scholars, and a gentleman of the first water. Panoxyl has been working great for me for the last few weeks. Getting it at drugstore.com for a decent price. My regimen is simple (and counter to "the regimen", but it works for me): Zest soap and wash cloth for initial, all over cleaning (not super gentle, or rough, just normal pressure against the skin), followed by Panoxyl and wash cloth for face, neck, back, shoulders, and chest. I try to leav