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    Number one thing I ever did for my acne was cutting sugar. I've been clear for years now thanks to cutting sugar & grains. Now I can tolerate both without breaking out, but still limit the sugar as it is not good for you in any way.
  2. Have to disagree. I quit using topicals many years ago, so there was no change there to coincide with my diet changes. And I continued to wash my face and hair as usual. Yet my skin and hair became less oily and cleared up. I'm more than confident it was my diet. I never used any topicals before or after getting acne. Diet cleared my acne
  3. I'd try some gentle, natural laxatives like prunes or stewed fruit, or even strong coffee. I'd also drink some digestive teas like mint or fennel. Another thing to try is flax seed tea: boil whole flaxseeds in water for 15-30 minutes and then drink. It will be a weird slippery texture, but it doesn't taste bad at all and it might get ya movin.' Can also try Triphala, a laxative made of fruits, but available in pill-form at health food store. It's non-habit-forming and supposedly also "ton
  4. Too many carbohydrates/sugars from years of being vegetarian/vegan, which led to digestive problems/bloating, acne, excruciating menstrual cramps and keratosis pilaris. I did colon cleanses which kept acne at bay, but I had to keep doing colon cleanses to keep it away. I started a grain-free, sugar-free diet a little over 2 years ago. The acne and KP went away pretty much right away, but I would get acne if I cheated at all. The bloating was less right away too, but it also would come back w
  5. Sounds like you're pretty healthy. How's your acne? Some of us (for a variety of underlying reasons) have found that a low(ish?) carb diet cleared our acne. I've been clear for 2 years thanks to a low-carb diet. After some time on the diet, I've been able to eat "cheat" foods and not break out, but initially I had to follow a no grain diet strictly.
  6. Good recipes can be found if you look up Specific carbohydrate diet. --- such as gluten-free almond pie crust & almond cookies, "spaghetti" and meatballs, gluten-free pancakes-both sweet and savory, etc, etc, etc. (I know I've posted all these recipes somewhere on this site).
  7. I'm 30. I developed acne around age 25. I'm clear now and have been for 2 years thanks to a low carb diet. I urge you to try it. It has worked for others too. It may sound hard at first, but it's very worth it for clear skin. I've also found that after being on it for so long, I can now "cheat" and not get acne, whereas I used to develop acne after eating a piece of bread of a grain of sugar.
  8. 1. I've been following a low-carb diet for almost 2 years now. See my signature for specifics. I can take small cheat bites of bread/grains w/o consequence, but I generally avoid it. I CANNOT cheat with sugar, or I get acne and very bloated. I can eat fruit and dairy though. I don't do any calculations. I just follow what's outlined in my signature. 2. My acne totally went away. 3. As soon as I dropped the grains, I quit getting acne.
  9. First thing to do is relax. I know it can be frustrating. Did you eat the chicken all by itself? How was it cooked? If you ate plain baked chicken and had that reaction, then just elimintate the chicken. Try other meats, but not when you're in a tense mood, as that doesn't do any favors for digestion.
  10. I love the idea of giving her some broth! Maybe she´ll even like it! I´ll try, and see what she thinks about it. She told me she love tacos when she was a kid, I did that some days ago but she didn´t want any...
  11. Here's what I did when I came off of 10 years of vegetarian/veganism: 1. Make some Homemade chicken (or beef) BROTH ! It is a great way to get nutrients w/o actually eating the flesh. Especially if she is sick, this is a fabulous tonic. 2. Have her think back to before she was veggie and try to remember what she did like. I remembered liking chicken as a kid, so I started there. A friend of mine started with turkey sausage. 3. If she'll eat eggs, start there. Make quiche and fritattas.
  12. I was constantly bloated as a vegetarian...turns out grains do that to me (even whole grains). I have the flattest tummy I've ever had since being "low-carb"
  13. Stick to the cheaper types of meat; ground beef or lamb, and chicken. Chicken legs and thighs are pretty cheap, or I buy a whole chicken. Of course organic is better, but it shouldn't be a major source of stress. Buy it when you can, and don't if you can't afford it. I'm also a bargain-hunter. I go to three different stores, plus the farmers' market to get the best deals.