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  1. Some great posts, Sweetjade. It's good to see someone taking a scientific approach =D> If you're still around I have some questions You talk about spiking insulin levels causing oily skin, but even when my acne was at it's worst I don't think my skin would ever have been described as oily, it was normal, dry even, and my pores were tiny. I always thought my acne was more to do with hyperkeritinisation (sp) skin cells not shedding properly, rather than excess oil. Or perhaps what oil I di
  2. I'm female. Diane35 contains a progestrogen which inhibits the action of testosterone on the skin, thereby shrinking the pores, decreasing facial hair growth. It also decreases the actual amount of testosterone produced by the body,as well as releasing oestrogen, so yikes, I don't think men should ever use this, no.
  3. um, no. Whiteheads are caused by dead skin cells combining with sebum to form a plug. So if you over-dry (ie kill) your skin, with too much topical, you will get them when your skin tries to relubricate itself.
  4. >So what exactly is your regimen then? Diane35 pill/ Botchla's Clean and Clear regimen. This has taken me from moderate acne/w loads of clogged pores and a few cysts to almost completley clear. So no, I don't have acne now but I do still have acne prone skin - it's just under control. Why would I have even started using products in the first place if my face stayed flawless from just using water? :-k >One thing though that will aggrivate the condition is the overuse of products on
  5. Brianetics is exactly right. The zits that appear today have been forming under your skin for at least 2 weeks...maybe even several months. Which is why all acne treatments take so damn long to work All too often on this board I read: 'Yesterday I ate this or did that or drank such and such and today I have more zits so all that stuff I did yesterday obviously caused them!!!!' =D> Sorry to burst your bubble guys but what you did yesterday or a few days ago has NOTHING to do with your acn
  6. I've used this before because it's one of the few cheap brands which isn't too yellowish coloured for my pink toned skin. I liked the texture, it covered redmarks ok and it didn't seem to clog my pores. However it does seem to dissapear during the day if I don't reapply....and that's even on my dry skin.
  7. Just sitting like red spots? sounds like cysts
  8. Slafavers: Yeah i'm in England. I think in the US you can only get Diane/Dianette off the internet.
  9. Hydroxy acids help prevent the little bumps from forming in the first place and bring the ones you already have to the surface. See the threads on the Acne Cure or Botchla's regimen in the over- the- counter forum. Also accutane and some contraceptive pills have the same effect, but stronger. hmmm what else, B5 (maybe), Retin A. But be careful - don't make the mistake I made. Being too harsh on my skin caused loads more new ones to form. The bumps are caused by dead skin cells clogging the p
  10. Tabasco, I totally understand where you are comming from. I normally pop my pimples and they heal up nicely - no scar. The few faint scars I have are from pimples I HAVE NOT popped - so I am soooo confused about all this. :-k I have squeezed cysts in the past and now there is no trace of them - I am convinced they never would have gone if i'd just left them 8-[ That said I have had some face-picking disasters where I popped everyting at once even stuff that was not ready to pop and nobody el
  11. I heard it takes about 2 weeks to 2 months - hence the 'initial breakouts' when starting a new acne treatment.
  12. aw

    dianette diary

    I have been on Dianette for 5 months but I didn't see any real improvement until month 4. I am about 95% clear now. / Theres been absolutely no side effects for me other than hell dry skin (skin was already dry to start with) but this is definantly preferable to cysts Hoping to get 100% clear soon [-o<