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  1. how wonderful , thank you so much for your help . One more thing , I am debating whether to go to the derm or straight to the surgeon for a consultation , what do you think . Thank you once again .
  2. really, so that procedure helped on the deep narrow ice pick ?? ... do you mind telling the size of indent it took on your pocketbook ?
  3. Yes, sams right,... I finished some old forums that mentioned tca was a bad idea for the nose, since its a different type of skin. This only makes this more tough on figuring out a way to remove them . What about that punch procedure ? Have not read up on that.
  4. I have 2 embarrassing semi deep ice pick scars on my nose and tiny raised scar . 1 is on the upper right side and the other is on the lower left side with the tiny raised scar above it . They are all almost in the middle of my nose. Ive searched this site and noticed that not alot of people have these type of scars. I was just hoping to find out any information on anyway to remove these scars ,especially since its on my nose and nose skin is different from the face. Thank you .
  5. i will definitely try that . Also I never thought about picking as constant open wounds, now that I think about it . Ive always just picked with no conscious .Made me really think . Thanks .
  6. i hear ya , im actually grateful for staying the person I have always been ,same personality and all . The only thing that is up is my self conscious and down is confidence . Im still working on being able to take the next step with a person who is interested in me, i always seem to run away or stay friends with some lame excuse lol. But yea ,hey they are still my friends so I am doing something right aren't I ? or at least I hope so .
  7. That's true , I had major acne and now have mild acne with some pit scars that are n't that noticeable but to me they are extremely noticeable because the scars are pretty much on my mind 9/10s of the whole day everyday . I can stare at them for hours,how lame. With that , my left over self esteem I have knows for a fact that I look extremely better than I did before ,but yet I am stuck with the extreme shyness and self consciousness that makes it very difficult for me to approach anyone ,even
  8. There are just different types of guys out there . Acne or not , some guys just find you attractive because you ll be amazing eye candy ,caring about what others think , which are those show stopper girls . But then there are some guys acne or not that just find you attractive because they sincerly enjoy your presence just the way you are . These guys do not care about what anyone thinks.
  9. i do also agree with the replies given , I am hoping those steps to conquering my sense of values regarding how I feel about acne and scars go by and quickly so I can be able to live life 100%. So far , I can say Im living life with a 50% positive attitude. It is very comforting to read that fellow members of this site are going through the same thing I am with the addition of awesome musicians such as Skrillex. These are the things that I feel help me more in these slow steps. It is just always
  10. maybe we re just aliens and this planet does not suit us at all. To end acne we gotta voyage back to our homeplanet lol. Sorry just ending it on a funny note . =)
  11. I am not too fond of the whole dubstep craze going on recently but I was at a show where some well known dubstep dj came on named Skrillex and I noticed he had some acne scarring . The only reason I noticed was because I usually do that first with everyone I see due my personal own acne scarring I have myself. Its just been some weird thing I cant help doing . Anywho , well this Skrillex guy was just tearing it up , being amazingly awesome. You can totally see that his scars didnt mean crap to h
  12. thanks for replying guys, but yea i think there is more horrible things in america that contribute to acne. I can be sure that the pollutants floating on american soil with the unnatural water in addition to the food are all major factors to acne here . But no one will ever know.
  13. I am just curious, my aunt travels alot and came upon Spain , she said the people's skin there looked amazingly healthy. It was very different than the skin that she is used to seeing here in the states. Can someone tell me how relevant acne is other countries, is it just as bad as the states ?
  14. Wow , I am glad to have read your post. I have very mild to moderate acne and I was tempted to try the low dose of accutane, but I had this gut feeling not to do it .For some reason I always react badly to any dermatologist prescribed medications. I do believe that medications are successful to some and not to others.
  15. I hear you ! Mirrors are not my friends at all. I cant seem to shun away from them . Everywhere you ho nowadays has a mirrors bolted in their layout somehow. I have actually taken off my contacts and not used my glasses for a while, I am near sided so I am pleased to see myself blurry in mirrors when I look at them . It has helped quite a bit . I still pick but its not so mutilating, because I am seeing less of them , clarity wise.