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  1. i use this one its full of antioxidants and really good for your skin http://www.neways.com.au/Products/catalog/product.aspx?NQS=c2krNJ6ZV7v%2fIEoKpAeztyvRumisKbdccRbBFhuqEO8%3d
  2. I don't like these two Benzyl Alcohol, Alcohol. they both cause cancer and alcohol is a skin irritant. you should also avoid moisturisers with oils in them if you suffer acne. If your looking for a natural product i use this http://www.neways.com.au/Products/Catalog/product.aspx?NQS=xYNW1N1WNCd3jLIn16Xv15kjTeQbyO5Np9WK3p4DwF6aORMMM%3d its the best one I've found so far and has good simple ingredients actually they don't look simple lol but still good for your skin
  3. Yeah I just spray it on my face once a day and haven't had any there anymore, although I still get it where I don't spray it
  4. similar but made with natural ingredients and surprisingly has many other uses such as acne treatment. I use it as a mouthwash to btw i like it cause my mouth doesn't explode like the listerine ads lol
  5. For the hair loss it could be due to chemicals in the shampoo i recently switched to an all natural brand an it looks thicker
  6. Recently i was enlightened to how bad chemicals are in popular skin products (soap, face cleaner etc) by a friend that works for neways, a company that omits all these chemicals, she recommended spraying an all natural mouthwash on my face for my pimples (the idea sounded pretty funny to me at first) and it actually gave resukts within a few days. Has anyone else tried the product?
  7. Natural soap would generally be better for your skin, you should check if it has tallow in it though. If it does it will leave a layer of oil on your skin which probably isn't good for you also the thought of putting it on your skin is gross for some people(tallow is animal fat) Im totally against soaps like dove btw , if your interested i can pm you some disturbing things about them
  8. I agree with you about the face cleaner. I recently switched to natural products for everything and have great results so far especially with my acne. Did you know that most products that froth when you use them do this because they have degreaser in them and if you havent used a degreaser before, it can actually eat through your shoes! No wonder its so bad for your face
  9. Sounds like me i have acne and hair loss/thinning also