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  1. I never thought of this. I was shaving first and then cleansing. I'll be sure to start doing this from now :)
  2. I know acne is horrible but don't make it a reason to quit school or worse, commit suicide. Feeling stressed and/or depressed plays a big role and if you can find something to counter that you'll feel a lot better. For me it was music. I was never into music before but after I started listening to all these great indie bands I got really into it and started going to concerts, even when I had horrible acne I went to those things and I realized everyone's eyes weren't on me and that no one pointed
  3. Music and my forehead. Why my forehead? For some reason it never gets acne and every time I look at it I get happy that someday my cheeks might look even a little bit like it
  4. Haha true that. At least breakouts you can manage, scarring is not as easy and nor is it a short term fix thing which is why I hate it so much. Mine is as bad as it was months ago...very little change
  5. I have really bad scarring on my cheeks. Before I started my regimen this March I used to pick on the acne a lot. Out of desperation I was stupid enough to use a push pin and poke on the acne. I'd sometimes let the push pin go in my skin and 1/3 of a centimeter but that was the only solution I saw since usually the pimples would dry out in a couple of days (but leave scarring which I never realized) compared to 1-2 weeks of leaving it on its own. If I hate something more than the acne it's mysel
  6. Not sure if this helps but a couple of months I cut all sugars and recently I've started to drink sodas again (without caffeine) and haven't seen any effects. Before I'd drink a full can every day, sometimes two cans so I stopped completely and after sometime I started drinking them again but only about a quarter of a can every few days and now I'm around 50-60% of a can every couple of days and I'm still clear. To discourage myself from drinking it all, I dump around half of it after I open a
  7. For me the Doxycycline has been a life saver. I've been using it since March of this year and the amount of breakouts has gone down by at least 95%. I pay for the doctor app which is about $80 and about $20 for a month supply of Doxycycline (two pills a day). I wish I'd find it in the pharmacies though so I don't have to pay for doctor visit, the pharmacies I've gone to won't sell it without a prescription. Anyways, around June-July I ran out of pills and after about two weeks I got a lot of br