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  1. I'm still following ya!!! Don't stop posting! =D>
  2. Call your nearest health food store and ask for Egyptian Magic. It should be in the skin care/cosmetic aisle. This stuff is great for dry itchy flakey skin. This is great stuff, all natural, nourishing, calming, and stays on! I found that straight aloe sometimes worked, and sometimes didn't. But E.M. always works. My derm told me that very hot water (hot showers and hot tubs) will really aggrivate your skin and worsen the dryness while on Accutane. Rich nourishing moisturizers are neces
  3. It's called "MILK THISTLE" -- which is good for your liver. I take it in liquid form, 12 drops from a dropper. Very simple.
  4. I can relate. I had a lot of white flakey bumpy ugly skin for 4-6 weeks and then it subsided. Now it is just dry. Not desert dry, but it absorbs a good dose of moisturizer and doesn't ever look greasy. My recommendation is to ride out the white flakes for a little longer, a few more weeks. If it is STILL bugging you, ask your derm if you can reduce your dosage by 20 mg/day. When I did this, my flakeyness reduced and my skin still got better. I don't know if this is true, but I've heard
  5. Did you see how many products and what a regimen www.coresa.com wants to sell you? And did you see their MAIN ingredient is salycidic acid? Plus they tell you to eat right. I have 20 different drugstore products that contain salycidic acid. Its great stuff but I wouldn't buy an expensive regimen on the net if that is their main ingredient. It looks just like a Pro-Active ad, and I'll bet it works similarly. Not to mention, when I eat exactly "right" (no sugars or refined carbos, no junk) t
  6. Why don't you tell us what non-ablative laser are and what they do!!! Please, do tell.
  7. Lasers won't work on cysts. At least not the lasers that are available today. The ones that are working on acne are for the smaller stuff. I'm sorry about your cholesterol levels. I've heard that the primary reason they check blood levels is for cholesterol, and if you are young and already have high cholesterol (usually this is genetic) then the accutane will make it go higher. I know how desperate you want to clear your acne. Have you thought of asking an internal medicine docto
  8. agentx I've been on AC for about 7 weeks. I started with only 20 mg/day. I broke out moderately, off and on, for about the first 4 weeks. Midway of those first 4 weeks I increased to 30 mg/day. At the 4 week mark I increased to 40 mg/day and that's where I'm at now. I still get an occasional cyst but not as big as they used to be. Maybe 1 or 2 per week. The small acne has really subsided nicely. But it took 4-5 full weeks of starting low and inching my way up to 40 mg in order t
  9. Incubus777, Yes it seems like it WOULD make more sense to just take 60mg a day... but because Ac does not come in anything but 10,20, and 40mg tabs, that would mean prescribing a box of 40mg tabs and another box of 20mg tabs -- two different dosage boxes and two different colors to take each day. While I know *I* could keep track of which box was which and what color tabs I was taking each day, there is somebody out there who doesn't want to make 60mg tabs, and somebody else out there who d
  10. Yes - I too had a red bumpy rash on the backs of my hands and up to my forearms. It looked like poison oak but not full of liquid, just small red bumps and dry scaley skin. It did not really itch but it felt strange. My derm said that hot showers and sun will aggrivate the skin. Moisturizing regularly is the only real way to manage it. There is something called Egyptian Magic -- found in health food stores -- its sort of like a tub of lard....made with bee pollen and some really good st
  11. I am on Accutane (6 weeks now) and my scalp is OK but my eyelashes and eyebrows are rapidly thinning. This is a concern for me, but persistent acne is still a bigger concern. I like my clear skin too much to stop taking this stuff. I have been to some high quality health food/supplement stores and talked to the more experienced people working there. Each one recommended the same thing: Silica (liquid form, one Tablespoon per day, tastes like water). Also recommended was MSM (forgot what
  12. Side effects of Accutane for me so far, after 6 weeks on 20-40mg/day: *flakey skin for 3-4 weeks, but OK now -- no major flakes after 5 weeks. *Sensitive skin that does not tolerate SUN! Hat and sunscreen at all times! *Mildly achey joints and muscles -- sort of like muscle fatigue. I don't feel like exercising very strenuously. *Sensitive eyes -- sometimes dry, sometimes red and itchy, sometimes fine. *Dry Lips -- need to moisturize ALL the time *Strange appetite -- usually not hungry
  13. YES YES YES I just posted a reply to "confessions of an acne product junkie" I basically told her I had followed a high protein, low carbo, no sugar, high green vegetable diet. It basically solved my acne problem. If I could ONLY follow this for life! What do we do with the carbo and sugar cravings ?? Actually I remember while on that modified Atkins diet, I did not crave sugar or junk much at all. Thanks for the article.
  14. Faceit, Boy do I sympathize and relate to being an acne product junkie. Probably like you and most people on this forum, my bathroom looks like the entire skin care aisle of a drug store. Almost everything you listed, I have tried. Just like you, the good things worked for awhile, but the positive effects did not last. I wanted to share something that did work for me. It cannot be bought in a drug store. I went to an accupuncturist who asked me about my entire lifestyle and my dai