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  1. I'm currently importing dans stuff to the uk the regime + aha is costing me approximately £35 a month including postage and packaging its a shame that the carriage is so high as dans stuff is good value for money otherwise
  2. You've just described my issue with acne entirely I've had severe and now mild to no acne with my current regime. However I only truly get my full confidence back if my skin remains clear for a week or more. Then when a spot does appear I obsess over it, normally I'd expect 2-3 small pimples or blemishes a week the sort that will go over night and leave little trace alongside an occasional spot. But because of my past experience my thoughts always turn to my face and the issues that surround
  3. I do the same set the beard trimmer to its lowest setting shaving causes these through irritation. Aha would help clear them I use a small amount daily brightens your face up too, you can buy it from dans store or 10% aha from Paula's choice before that
  4. Mate that does not look good is that the skin peeling off, just looked TCA up and it appears to be a very strong chemical peel are you doing it yourself its not something I'd want to do without some dermatolagist input and application See link http://www.dermatique.com/hyper.html And here is a post on the damages form acne.org http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/97558-i-did-a-125-tca-peel-wno-resultnow-what/
  5. Well I've been back on the aha and 2.5% combo for the last few weeks and my skins been clearing up to the point that I had a few pimples and scars which were barely visible went to look in the mirror for a wash and my 'tzone' has gone ballistic not happy I had a big social weekend planned and was feeling comfortable and confident at work again. I still have a night out planned just going to avoid being stand off-ish my usual problem when I perceive that my skin is playing up. Acne as usual
  6. Hi I was on accutane and it completely cleared my acne for about a year, after that I had to switch to BP 2.5% gel and moisturiser to keep my clear skin it's something I'm learning to live with I'm 29 and have my skin under control 90% of the time.
  7. Well I was all prepped to come on here a declare my acne clearing up but after a Five AM start, wash and regime at 5.30 -6am and full working day ending at 6pm including four hours driving and crappy food for lunch I've had a white head on my nose and four pimples appear in my 'tzone' this evening! I was feeling tired but confident that my skin was getting back into its old routine obviously I was wrong I've ignored it most of the day which is a good thing and showed my confidence was back a
  8. Hi, I've plumped for dans gel rather than going for the Australian stuff, as the guy above says does anybody know any reliable seller of benzac. As I wouldn't want to be buying counterfeit rubbish.
  9. I too needed glasses shortly after taking roaccutane was told it wasn't because of the drug but I'm not convinced
  10. So day four of moving from quioderm 5% to back to panoxyl 2.5% and my skin is going back to normal it's not breaking out bar a few tiny pimples on my nose which are already fading and my skin doesn't feel as harshly treated. Hopefully Dan's gel is as effective as the panoxyl as its what I'm bargaining on and fingers crossed I've got my skin back under control though it will be a week or two before its clear if it stays like this. I'm convinced that the quinderm cream caused greasy patches
  11. Back again using the last of the panoxyl 2.5% and my skin is noticeable less greasy during the day than with the quioderm cream. Few pimples today one on the chin and lip minor though I think this may be to over drying so adding some more moisturiser aha and panoxyl tonight. My order from dan has shipped on 4-6 day international via ups any others had experience of delivery did you get it within a week of ordering.
  12. After a successful year of nearly banishing acne it appears to be back the form is moderate to mild down from severe after roaccutane four years ago. I think the main cause of the flair up was a switch from panoxyl 2.5% gel to quinoderm 5% it's made my skin irritable and unpredictable I actually switched ahead and still have a tube of in date panoxyl left so have switched to that currently using neutrogena producs oil free and spot free ha! Moisturiser and cleanser as well. I also use Paul
  13. Christ this is the one worst thing i do, i've set a new task no picking instead mositurise it and walk away makes such a difference.
  14. Update from wednesday night skin is looking a lot better with only two new pimples which have already resided, this just leaves the scaring from the last weeks break out and Sunday's big red spot that i shouldn't have messed with (now healing well but i have a feeling that if i had left it alone it would be looking a lot better!). Learning a few things from this site my main issue is picking and scratching i think i do this with the thought that their may just be fresh skin underneath and no