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  1. hydroquinone dont work very well in phototypes IV-VI...For applying a despigmentant, the pimple needs to be completely gone without any open wound and nor irritation by glycolic acid. Start with something like shea butter.. Glycolic prevents acne exfoliating, but not treats it. Don't use this mask for cure it. Go to salicilic for instance.
  2. Hi! Avene have supper-gentle sunscreens for oily skins. Also Elta MD have one spf46 with niacinamide (one form of Vitamin B3=assists to improve skin microcirculation) adequate to oily and acneic skin. Both available is Dermstore.com Consider on putting her on VitBcomplex + vitamin C (Nature's gate, Solaray, etc) for minimizing inflammations on her skin (It totally worked for me!). About water, I agree with tothatesacne, always lukewarm to cold water. Avoid vapour when she is in the middle o
  3. This is corage! So basically you have attacked acne from 4 ways and also using 2 different antibiiotics...wow dude! The best idea of all was taking care of your mood and your nutrients that give weapons to your body to repair your skin: This is 75% of the success. I'm really impressed...I just had a mild-to moderate breakout and I was discoraged...You're now my idol XDDD
  4. are OTC meds in their origin countries. The matter is just a bussiness question...
  5. I've been in Epiduo and my dermatologist gave me Avene Clean-Ac creamy cleanser that is super gentle none medicated made with avene spring water+ glycerine+ a low percentange of shea butter+ Zn gluconate. Shea butter helps in scarring and re-lipidization of damaged skin for retinoids and benzoyl peroxide (BP). Have you been in BP before? BP causes irritant dermatitis that is more or less accute depending on your BP sensitivity. Sometimes only for the firsts weeks. You should put low low amount
  6. Maybe the most stressed (by the weight of our head lying sideways, up and donwn movements) and then, less functional, are the ones in the jaw line and cheeks.
  7. I would say that high level hormones are the cause of your acne and your wish of sex, so blame your hormones, not masturbation ;-)
  8. In general, the most virulent comes with puberty. The guy with the worse acne I ever meet (polymorphic in face, all the face from scalp to chin, side to side). He never went under antibiotics and started improving progressively from 22-25. Now he's 31 and he's only have some scars. His breakouts were spectacular on mondays, after alcohol and drug weekends. Anyway, acne wasn't a handicap for getting girls and sex in his high-school/college years...He met his actual wife at 19. So treat your acne
  9. Hi! Just miss one section in this in the website for discussing about topical chemical treatments for treating acne with deeper penetration than ointments, creams etc... I'm having a treatment for removing my mild to moderate papular acne combining Melaspeels J (Jessner type peels manufactured by Sesderma) and subcutaneous medical ozone. Have anyone tried Jessner peelings? Happy with results? )
  10. I've heard cases but with Jasmine. Anyway, they are similar concentration of hormones. Did they prescribed Diane-35 for birth-control or for androgenic characteristics?
  11. Sulfur is one of the oldest treatments existing in the market! Mineral sulfur is harsher than biosulfur, but both are effective! You can get mild biosulfur mask from Raya Spa online
  12. Cysts in your chin? All over? I always use tea trea oil pure. Pure could be irritating but I never got severely irritated by using it. Try it. For inflammated cysts I use Bioderma Sebium AI as spot treatment and also works well for me. If you mix, you will increase the chance to irritate your skin. What I usually do first is apply the active that reduces infection; tea tree, and when the inflammation has ceased, you can use the queratolitic. I don't recomend you to use as a global moistur
  13. I'm trying ozonotherapy as a treatment for persistent inflammed papules in my cheeks...The first three shots applied to a giant pustula in my left cheek reduced its inflammation and pain and converted it in two middle whites with pus. We plan to eliminate infections with ozone sucutaneous shots and after cleaning we're peeling using salicilyc and (glycolic+lactic )... Is ozonetherapy available in the USA? Here (Spain) it is applied in esthetic and dermatology clinics and aestheticians
  14. Sesderma and Neostrata comertialize triclosan foaming cleansers also