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  1. Hi, I started using benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel on my face. I started about 7 days ago, I apply a thin layer just over the most severely affected areas before I go to bed at night and it definitely helps prevent breakouts from being so severe. The problem I am having is my skin is very dry and flaky and bright red on the areas I have applied the gel, has anybody else experienced this as badly as I am? and how long does it usually take for your skin to get used to the gel, thanks.
  2. thanks for the post I'm going to try this as soon as I can afford the supplements.
  3. thanks, I think Im going to try Neosporin. what it is, every now and then i wake up with a huge dark red cyst looking thing usually on chin or forehead these have no head so cant be popped and just look like a large inflamed area, i have been taking doxycycline since 2010 before i started taking it my face was completely covered in these things it was unbelievable now only 1 or 2 get through but with having pale skin the worst part is the redness.
  4. Hi, Im just wondering if any1 has used any on the spot treatments that work at reducing redness quicker than normal? I have tried applying a small amount of BP on the spot I've tried clearasil on the spot treatment, oxy spot zapper and recently been applying a small amount of sudocrem on the spot and nothing seems to reduce the redness any faster than it would if i just left it to nature.