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  1. Day 60 My joint pain is nearly unbearable at this point, I have a hard time walking when I first wake up because my ankles are so swollen. My knuckles are also very swollen and painful. Headaches are a daily and my skin looks awful. "what happened to your skin" was the nice comment of the day today. keeping my head up and reminding myself it gets worse before it gets better.
  2. Day 36 Well getting some real big ones like I only do on accutane ! purging has begun!!! currently at 46 mg/ kg wooo hoo 39% of my goal!
  3. Day 27 : skin is peeling like a snake on my nose.... a red embarassing snake that is....lips look like paper and bleeding .... I feel like a mess. so far at 33MG/KG of my goal of 120 over the 1/4 mark!
  4. taken so far: 1720 MG! a whole wopping 21% of my end goal !
  5. Day 25 well skin is very sensitive, used a biore strip and now I am missing a layer of skin on my nose! blacking out often so bruised up from the falls. Very sick to my stomach all the time, lashes and hair are thinning out, and the break outs are non-stop.
  6. So I am on round 4 and taking 80mg daily... always took 40 before (roughly 125 lbs this time around) my question is does a higher dose mean faster results or just longer lasting results?
  7. when did yours start to " come up" I feel like mine are only coming out because I am picking at them Day 20 My nose is peeling like crazy, my chin is white and flaking off .... none of my under the skin stuff has even budged aside from the ones I have picked...and yes I am trying not to !!! pics
  8. DAY 17 My lips are so dry they are bleeding and looking purple, my nose is COVERED in blackheads that I didnt have before... new to that size effect. The headaches cause blurred vision. I am exhausted and withdrawn. Really avoiding social situations. more pictures from today!
  9. DAY 15 taken so far: 920mg Goal total of course: 7090mg Skin is RED dry and cracking all around my nose, skin all over my body is dry and tight. Was hospitalized this week losing consciousness and seizing so I am tired and in pain all over so I don't even feel the accutane side effects.
  10. DAY 12 My step 2 lotion (ann borlind rosedew has really helped with the dryness! and the aquaphor lips are a savior!!) cleansing more often with my minderal of the dead sea wash as I feen a much better clean with it and never have reactions. I am going to keep it as my morning time AND evening cleanser. My morning/daytime moisture is still my REN so no changes there
  11. pretty frustrated today, ...still day 11 but I have 3 actives at once.... I know the only time I get inflamed acne is when I am on accutane and I like to believe this is my skins way of bringing things out but I have 3 painful ones that are about the size of a pea ...super red...super hard...and even my hair touching them hurts! You would think with my broken ribs any everything else I wouldnt even notice them ! but ouch, never knew a bloody pimple could hurt so much. my mood is pretty bad..
  12. DAY 11 The IB has begun ! my eyes are so sore and red I look like I clean with them steel wool. my chin and nose are the dryest areas...lips are so chaped already they bleed. When ever I blow my nose its generally all blood. I am stiff and sore all over, I was in a car accident so that is probably more to blame than the Accutane... and I had my first accutane near black out headache in the middle of the night last night. My dr gave me the ok to be more "agressive" and so I am on 80mg dail
  13. good luck with your interviews! one thing I can say is maybe keep a log for yourself... I have gone back to my last one a dozen times already to forecast what I am in for around christmas, or events, and compare then and now lol! The pictures with the flash from today showed bumps I cant even feel or see otherwise... pretty disheartening, I attacked my face when I got home and sorely regret it... I am sure I will look like the polka dot door tomorrow....and I have a 2 day seminar at work and
  14. day 6 Peeling is bad enough that I will start with my "step 2" night moisturizer... this is normally not necissary until at least a week 6. I had a nosebleed this morning and am absolutely exhausted right now. I feel like a zombie at work.