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  1. alouise

    Vick`s VapoRub for Cysts..?

    I just heard about this trick yesterday and applied some Vicks to the 4 blind pimples I currently have going on. In the last 24 hours, 1 seems to have come to a head and then started to drain itself (I haven't seen anything come out or picked, but it's getting less red, smaller, and less tender, and the white I could see is also getting smaller), 2 haven't come to a head, but seem to just be getting smaller, less red, and less tender, and the 4th appears to be working it's way to a head (but it
  2. alouise

    Dianette/Diane 35 Log

    Oh another thing! I keep seeing people talking about having little bumps all over their foreheads etc. I used to have those too, and I wound up going to see a dermatologist when the over the counter stuff just wasn't cutting it anymore. She said that the bunch of little bumps were because my pores were actually really small and the trapped oils and things couldn't escape. And because a ton of astringents and toners and other products tighten up pores, that's actually not helping. So she prescrib
  3. alouise

    Dianette/Diane 35 Log

    @Ferrara and goof: I know exactly how you feel about just being so sick of acne. Sucks just waiting and hoping that whatever your latest product/method is going to work. Just stick in there because you're heading right into the time where most people really start to see results with Diane 35! I'm getting toward the end of my first month back on Diane, and while the initial breakout has been pretty horrible it seems like as the original breakout is starting to ebb it isn't being replaced with
  4. alouise

    Gives you coverage, moisturizer, and sun screen all in one Good for combination skin Hasn't clog pores or caused breakouts Evens out skin tone Doesn't look like a thick layer of makeup and matches perfectly - if you're like me and your skin tone changes drastically depending on sun exposure, it's great because it will adjust quite a bit! Expensive Won't give you a lot of coverage It can get in your eyebrows and look a bit funny if you let it I love this produc
  5. alouise

    Dianette/Diane 35 Log

    Hey there! Haha so I've pretty much read this entire log and it seems I have some kindred spirits out there! Thanks for sharing your whole journey with this and for everyone's pictures at whatnot. It feels good to find that I am not alone! I just made my account now because after a couple years of perusing the site I figured it was time to commit, and maybe some of my insight can help some fellow Diane users out! Anyway. I developed moderate acne when I was about 14, and I have been on and o
  6. alouise

    When I've been on Diane 35

    These are a couple close up pictures from when I've been on Diane 35 for at least 4 months consecutively. I have found it to be effective and I just figured I'd show some pictures of my skin at one end of my personal skin history spectrum. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the bad end because I tended to avoid cameras at that point... Anyway just ignore the ridiculous faces I make because these are the closest up pics I could find!