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  1. It looks like the honeymoon period is over. It may be because it's that time of the month, but I've had more pustules this week. Add to that flaky skin from the 2 pumps of BP and my skin doesn't look too happy. So I'm going to two small pumps of BP this week to see if that helps with the flakiness. Everything else is staying the same.
  2. It's not uncommon to have that nauseous feeling with multi-vitamins. You may just be one of those people who have to take their vitamins on a full stomach. I'm currently taking these vitamins, and I don't know if they've had an effect on my acne, but they've had a great effect on my skin as a whole. I've had issues with psoriasis on my skin and some dryness; since taking these daily, I haven't noticed as many psoriasis lesions and my skin doesn't have those dry patches.
  3. I'm finally doing my recap for Week 3 on the DKR. Once again, seeing more and more improvement. Fewer bumps and more healing. Most of the marks showing up in the photos are fading red marks, so it looks worse than what it actually is. I'm quite pleased with the progress. So see what I'm doing for this week in my signature, and I will continue this unless something major happens and I have to back off the BP a bit.
  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I have oily skin that's become quite dry just 4 weeks into the DKR, but when I've used the jojoba oil, the moisturizer and the oil make my skin look and feel greasy for awhile before it completely absorbs. I tried this trick this morning and I immediately noticed a difference.
  5. Welcome aboard, Michaella! I hope that the DKR will work very well for you. I'm on Week 3, and I'm just now noticing more dryness, but there hasn't been any burning or redness thus far (thank goodness). I tried Proactiv when it first came out, and it never worked for me, but so far the Regimen seems to be doing okay on this second time around. You do have to be diligent with it. My suggestion is try to post at least once a week to document your progress; getting started on a gallery is a
  6. I don't think it's supposed to do so. Right now I'm adding a few drops of the jojoba oil to my moisturizer morning and night, and I use it as makeup remover (when I wear makeup). According to DK's description, this oil is chemically very similar to human skin oil and it doesn't clog pores. I'm on Week 3 of the DKR and I haven't noticed any negative effects from using it.
  7. As a correction to my above post, most of the red that's seen in the photos is actually red marks from acne that's already gone. In actuality, I only had one bump on the jawline on my right side, which is pretty awesome!
  8. Checking in for my Week 2 recap. First of all, thank you so much, jaynect and ClearSkiesAhead for your words of encouragement; I greatly appreciate it! Secondly, things seem to be coming along. I'm noticing improvement, though my jawline is still giving me issues. But the front of my face doesn't look too bad. What you guys aren't seeing, though, are the blackheads. They seem to be the first to come in and the last to go! So, here are the pics: Here's my regimen for
  9. I'm in the middle of my third month on BC, but MIcronor is a mini-pill, so it's not known for helping get rid of acne. Thanks for the encouraging words, and good luck to you!
  10. OMGoodness, what a difference a week makes! I'll let the pics show it: I know that I must remember that this is the honeymoon phase, and it is going to get worse, but right now, it's not looking too bad. Skin has gotten softer (something I experienced the first time around) and no flaking yet. Time to bump up the BP. I'm on the Week 2 routine. AM Routine 1) Wash face with 1 1/2 pumps of Dan's cleanser for 10 seconds 2) Apply 1 pump of Dan's BP 3) Apply 2 pumps of Dan's mo
  11. That's awesome! It truly is amazing how well the Regimen works in just a few days. This is my second time on it but my first time using jojoba oil (as a makeup remover and mixing 5 drops with the moisturizer) and my skin actually feels very smooth. I'm hoping this continues as the BP amount is pumped up--if it will resolve the issues with flakiness that I had before, I am completely sold! Good luck to you, and can't wait to see before and after pics.
  12. I was on the boards at one point earlier this year under a different name and I stopped DKR (bad of me, I know), but I was having issues with flakiness and it was frustrating. I was under another name, but I can't remember what it was or anything about my log in, so here I am again. So here's what it looks like right now; I just got out of the shower. My hope is to get better in time for my wedding (March 10, 2012). I know I won't be completely clear and perfect, but I want it