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  1. You can react for evertyhing, for your organic eggs, supplements, maybe for other gluten free grains like corn. You never know. One thing doesn't work for everyone Try to cut all common allergens
  2. I don't have sweet cravings, I don't eat any sugar except for low IG fruits. I'm not taking probiotics now. I used to take probiotics in pills only. I don't wanna eat dairy, even fermented dairy like kefir or natural yogurt. I could take probiotic in pills but I don't know if it's ok
  3. So White Fox, do you eat fruits? You recommend paleo diet and also diet from www.gutflora.com but the diet from this site is different than paleo because we should avoid fruits, nuts etc or eat in moderation I don't know which diet is better, I don't have problems with bloating, IBS, gases so do I have to be on candida diet??? I did tool test and oral test on candida and both were negative
  4. My body is so weird. I'm now 99% clear, in 3-4 days!!!! lol , I am not on Pelo diet or something like that. Sure I eat meat, lot of fish, vegetables, some fruits but also whole grains. I take colostrum, probiotics, L-Glutamine, Multivitamin with digestive enzymes, maybe it helps to cure my acne in very short period of time. I ate a fruit bun, ice creams, sweet cookies, bran, musli, dairy the day before yesterday and yesterday and my face looks great. I did it on purpose because I wanted to chec
  5. When I eat food without any gases, bloating, indigestion, stomachache etc., can I tolerant this food and digest it well or it doesn't say anything to me ? I have chronic gastritis and acne so do you think my acne is caused by my guts flora? I don't have any symptoms after eating dairy, meat, gluten etc. but I still have acne and I know it depends on food. When I eat only fish and vegetables I'm clean. I haven't eaten gluten or dairy for almost 2 months but I'm still spotty ;/ Should I do IgG fo
  6. I don't eat meat at all, only fish like salmon, cod, trout etc because they are anit-inflammatory, you may check on: http://nutritiondata.self.com/ I'm 100% sure that meat (prok, beef, turkey, poultry etc) is inflammatory and it's a reason why I avoid it
  7. One week won't make any difference at all. Inflammation, acne formation etc. takes a long time. You can waste your time forever trying a treatment for a couple of weeks and then jump onto something new. Give something you believe in a long time or you'll never get better. As I said earlier, it's a reason most people only improve on accutane after 4--6 months. In my opinion drinking mlled flax seeds is one of the worst things you can do as they are very hard on the digestive system. Offcouse the
  8. Lilo I'm on anti-inflammatory paleo diet again, but today is the second day of my diet. After 2 days I'm 90% clean lol... 2 days, I don't know what's going on. I'm eating fish, smoked fish, grilled fish, cooked fish, vegetables and only bananas. That's all but you know I'm taking all supplements to heal my guts. L-glutamine, Colostrum, Lactoferrin, Multivitamin and what will happen after a month. Heal your gut and don't drink dairy kefir
  9. hardcore, 5 eggs for breakfast Can you tell me Paleoistheanswer what you eat? Your food menu for every single day? btw I'm 2 days on paleo and i'm 90% clean now, maybe because I cut eggs, meat, ham, grains, gluten, dairy, soy lol... I'm eating fish, vegetables , bananas
  10. there is another vid on youtube of the same thing, some girl did it with a different fruit smoothie just remember though that even organic raw foods can cause allergic reactions in some, rare but it has been seen before...good luck Also remember that one person's experience does not equate to the same experience for you. DurianRider is an endurance athele, cycling all of the time. His body is likely very efficient in it's use of glucose. I know, you're right but I won't eat many fuits b
  11. Sounds good if you won't eat a dairy kefir and just check if you are not allergic to strawberries. Bananas and guava sounds awesome You can also try colostrum. I know it is a dairy product but it can help to heal and recover your guts' condition We need to watch ourselves and check what causes food intolerance or food allergies
  12. Fish, vegetables, fruit - bananas only. I will take multivitamin, digestive enzymes, colostrum, l-glutamine and will see I found a nice movie on YouTube, which talks about glucose and blood sugar. Just check Ive just fainted 10 minutes after a nurse took a sample of my blood This guy ate several bananas at the same time and his blood sugar didn't increase so high. So I will eat bananas
  13. My acne is an allergy or I think food intolerant. When I was eating only fish with vegetables (3 or 4 times a day) I had a really nice and soooo clean skin. I cut all grains, meat, ham, soy, eggs, dairy. I had many pimples mainly around my chin/mouth/jaw the same like you. I was on paleo but Ive notcied I have to cut all nuts and eggs, they were harmful for my skin condition. It's a prove: Me before: http://img684.images...94/60960190.jpg http://img151.images...20513204654.jpg Me 4-5 days a
  14. Lilo maybe Paleo didn't work completely because we ate common food allergies like nuts or eggs. When I was eating only fish with vegetables and cut all common food allergies I had 100% clean skin lol I have to try this diet again. btw Paleoistheanswer you look great now