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  1. In my personal experience, no. DE razors are more safe and get the closer shave than even a 5 bladed razor. However, they make you use shave cream/gel, things that aren't good for already sensitive skin, if you choose to keep on shaving this way use a foaming shave cream, like Barbasol.
  2. Those are still pimples, instead they have been DORMANT, not ACTIVE. Your skins moisture level and pH aren't balanced that's why those pores are still clogged, deep in the pore. Essentially they are still unclogged pores, with dead skin trapped in the bottoms of the pores. The only way to treat that is to allow your skin to restore the pH balance (acid mantle) and allow the skin the function again, unclogged.
  3. What kind of weird reasoning is that? Anyway, this has gone on long enough for now, To anyone whose only intention is to troll this thread or insult other members, rest assured that you'll get a warning. Stay on topic or stay out of it. Thank you! Go head and threaten me, I was on topic, and if you actually read the posts you would be aware of that, as I and another member agreed, she actually lives in Japan and I recently visited. Go head get mad, ban me, I would just open another account. A
  4. Arby's bacon/chedder/roast beef, curly fries, tea dinner = stew, sweet tea ah hah! My hormones calmed down because I made them, sexual hormones that is. And by me getting older it has remained at a level stable, steady state. I personally controlled my own hormones, not my body, my body followed the leader and my face cleared up in no time. Not only sexual hormones but the use of soap/topicals. I can't believe people wonder where acne or pimples come from. Inside the pore t
  5. C'mon, guys. Steven went on a vaca once so he knows more than everyone here. PLUS you're all racist for not going to Japan but starting topics based on your curiosity of its people. From now on, don't talk about anything and keep all your observations to yourself, mmm'kay? Pathetic.
  6. Not directly. Skin does not require that much water, sebum and sweat make up for the faces natural moisture. Being hydrated is good for obvious reasons. One thing to notice in school is the air conditioning units and vents. I remember my school was dry as hell.
  7. Impressive, have you noticed a difference in your skin? This should be a time where acne starts to fade and some red marks start to resurface as white heads, to finally pop and be cleansed for good. I would say that this is usually done in the first keep, however could take as much as a month depending on the degree of acne.
  8. This is probably the worst logic ever: When was the last time you saw an adult human breast feeding? If you placed a bowl of milk in front of an adult animal, they would most likely par take in drinking it (cats, dogs, apes, so on and so forth)... The question isn't why they stop drinking it, that is obvious Lactation cycles (when a mother is pregnant - hormonal), the question should be how would adults of other animals find or get milk? Because if they most certainly could get it, they would d
  9. very nice job, i find it only to get easier and easier specially once porn is out of the picture day 1 Uh oh, what happened? oh nothing, we all started to count from day 1 on january 1st because it would thus give everyone more support. it is really like day 9 for me, however in keeping with everyone else i just say: day 5 and most def. man, no porn = no masturbation, i dont even think about watching porn anymore, and i crack jokes about people that sit around and do with my bros, lol
  10. lol, good job, still a long ways to go man. you are making this sound harder than it needs to.
  11. Apparently husky dogs do not produce lactic acids, one of the many reasons they can run all day long. It seems that if you allow lactic acid to build up it becomes a problem, although it is well established now that it is an energy source, however one must consume it and not let it build up. http://www.nytimes.c...tion/16run.html