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  1. I have no idea where to start this. It's my second time posting here although I've lurked for so long. I don't have any severe acne nor have I suffered from it ever. The worst I get are just literally too many to count whiteheads on my forehead from wearing bangs. My skin is an oilslick. I thought if we the world needed oil, I would gladly offer my services. I don't know if anyone's ever gotten this much oil production on their face but I do. I could easily use up 5 sheets of oil blotting pa
  2. I have this! I hate it. I have no other form of acne but this. I could feel it inside my skin when I wash my face What i'm doing is apply 2% salicylic acid on it twice a day, and retin-a at night. Then occasionally exfoliate to get the them up and out of my skin. It's getting a lot worse now which I can deal with as long as they go away forever once the "purging" is over. I have incredibly oily skin that causes this by the way. Oil clogs pores and causes this. Thank goodness they're virtua