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  1. seasons change and much like nature us humans will also change with each passing season. It is the way it was done since the beginning, and just like the trees will die, so will we
  2. If your depressed and not active like i had been take this one bit of advice. Do you not move much when your depressed?? go outside everyday and run for 30 minutes at a park or around your house it release natural endophines or w/e.... and encourages serotonin production in your brain ( the stuff that makes you happy).
  3. I'm thankful for existing in this world considering the odds are against us and were well over due for a pandemic. With smallpox and stuff its really scary but true so i be very careful.
  4. acne is the worst thing ever if you ever wanna talk or skype just message me
  5. I lost my virginity when i was 15 and im a guy and i couldnt imagine being a virgin but you just gotta go at it you only live once.
  6. Yeah you need steroid injections im sure you could find one in Hawaii though who is licensed so you wouldn't have to fly to texas.
  7. you could try to the moustirizer from proactive i use it.
  8. I use lemon juice it works better than any other stupid product big companys sell
  9. Keep yur head up if somebody has a problem with your acne, avoid those people.
  10. I too suffer from acne and it has come to the point where i quit school and don't even want to go to the grocery store.