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  1. I know what you mean and I also wonder why they are not redder.It is a fractional co2 laser after all.I like to see photos 6 months to a year after.Also the lighting is different alot of the time in after photos that could change the look of the scars.I just really like to know if any laser works for acne scars or we all hopeless dreamers.
  2. http://www.sanramond...l-co2-laser.php Why show photos after only 1 week you would still have micro swelling?I wanna see the real results
  3. Now that just started accutane be very gentle with your skin and moisturize.Don't pick or pop any pimples cause you can scar very easy while on accutane.I don't think your skin is *****d.Use a gentle cleanser(cetaphil or cerave) and moisturizer and also a sunscreen during the day.Just give your skin a break and let it heal from all the retinoids.I wish you the best of luck and a happy new year to you!!
  4. Thats why i like a non chemical sun screen.Also they say benzoyl peroxide causes free radicals and premature aging yet many people use it everyday and its promoted here(sorry Dan).
  5. Ciro and Prettywords seem to know what "everyone" does.Wow thats amazing!!
  6. http://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-information/skin-cancer-facts
  7. Skin Cancer is not "marketing propaganda" and if you took the time to read the op your see that Pond said that he in the sun quite a bit,so he needs sun protection.I'm not trying to be rude but i'm not ignorance.
  8. Omg did you really say to stop putting on spf?Do you know the effects the sun's uv rays have on the skin?collagen breakdown,premature aging,skin cancer.Down the road your scars will look much worse without sun protection.My honest opinion
  9. Well i know tca cross is best for ice picks.Is subcision best for rolling scars?What best for boxcars scars?
  10. Wow 6 unnoticeable scars and decide to put 100% tca on them.I have some bad scars and would never do that to myself Thats really dangerous to do yourself and a doctor would only used that strong on deep small scars like ice picks.