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  1. thanks everyone, all of your replies are awesome! very supportive, great ideas!
  2. Thank you for the reply! I understand your point about the sex but i am gonna be very careful about it, with someone who i care about alot, and just because i only get to live once you know? gotta let go sometimes and have fun. Its my life, but this is also me living it. i dont wanna have any regrets when i look back when im older. im not gonna be stupid enough to make a bad mistake, but im also not going to refrain from the parts of life that mean alot to me.
  3. just like to share my story with you guys...the first struggle i had w/ acne occurred when i was in 5th grade. i am in 11th now (junior) i always remember that that when i had one big zit surrounded by a few smaller ones right under my nose...my friend pressured me into popping tha huge s.o.b.and i did. thats when all hell broke loose. since then thru 8th grade i had acne effecting my face. i think in the summer of 6th or 7th grade, i had bacne. all over. my skin is pretty white so it showed eas
  4. just got tazorac yesterday. he told me to put on moisturizer after but i did not because the tazorac made my skin so greasy. instead, washed face in morning w/ dead sea salt soap and applied moisturizer after.
  5. hey guys, new to the forums here, just signed up today. just had a quick question regarding tazorac. i was given the .05 cream version of it yesterday, just a few sample tubes from my derm. he said he wants me taking it once every 3 days because it is very rough on the skin. however, i applied it last night, and my skin only became greasy, and is looking a little clearer. should i apply it tonight and see how my skin handles it? i honestly think my skin is invincible because it doesnt react to a