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  1. Thanks for the feedback, guys! it really helps, keeps me going, morale high. Chest looks ALOT better, so does back, but shoulders and face still bad. my shoulders and upper arms are very weird, red marks, rashy? no pimples, just lots of red marks. face is a little worse at the moment. but chest and back looking pretty good!! :) this is day 35 i believe, going to florida next week. will i be able to show off my physique? hope so lol...if not, then summer :)

  2. Day 9- few whiteheads, tiny spots around mouth and nose, sore and annoying! plus a bad nosebleed today =/ a first while on this. guess its really starting to kick in.

    day 7- face a little red, spots painful, that tight sore feeling. initial breakout starting to come....yay. back is broken out bad, part of initial breakout probably

    I'm on Day 5 today and my skin is definitely worse. It's like everything that was dormant before is coming out to play. And I'm dry at the same time! I feel ya.

  3. im 17 yr old male, just started my claravis cycle yesterday, thanks for your updates and good luck!!! check out my log :) i kinda want the drying side effects to kick in to know its working, plus my oily skin pisses me off! im so tired of it lol. 20 mg twice a day total 40...may not be enough???

  4. hey guys, background info: 16(17 by the time i start accutane)(next month), male, tried everything on the planet to avoid accutane. i really dont mind it, but my derm wants to avoid using it because it is a harsh drug, and since i am an aspiring bodybuilder, my workouts would be greatly effected, and may have to be stopped all together. i have bad acne on my face (cheeks, underneath jaw, neck, chest, AND backk...since 4 years ago. my face used to be clear for the most part but my back was worst. now its just everywhere.ive tried home remedies as well. been on antibiotics for about 4 years as well. wondering if u guys think accutane is a good idea. i think its my only hope..this acne kills because i wont be able to show my body because of the terrible acne...its killing my confidence. im really self conscious about it. also, i now have a girlfriend that is willing to have sex but i dont want her to see my back and chest. i am afraid of the initial breakout of the accutane but i guess in the long term it is the best option and far more powerful than topicals and antibiotics. so from your guys' standpoint, you think accutane is the best route for me?

  5. hey guys, another quick log for ya's. basic info, age 16, 17 next month, acne on face chest and back, aspiring bodybuilder. my derm wants to avoid accutane use and only for a last resort because he doesnt want it affecting my training and its a very harsh drug. however, we will find out it a month if i will need it. theres 1 thing left we havent tried, and that is tazorac cream .1%. did tazorac .05 this month, some results but i guess not enough. i personally do not mind the accutane as long as it clears me up. my only concerns are the initial break out, because i do have a girlfriend, and we have talked about having sex in the near future. i dont want her to leave me for the terrible acne on my face, of the acne on my chest and back revealed during sex, but i will also be sure to be safe during tratment and maybe no interocurse at all for the fear of creating a hideous mutant because of the accutane. my other concern is losing muscle. i worked really hard for the muscle mass ive put on, and dont want to set my self back. good body w/ bad acne, or decent average body no acne? my obsession with bodybuilding makes it hard. my insecurity because of the acne makes it hard as well. i also cant show off my body because of the body acne...so any thoughts guys?

  6. Thank you for the reply! I understand your point about the sex but i am gonna be very careful about it, with someone who i care about alot, and just because i only get to live once you know? gotta let go sometimes and have fun. Its my life, but this is also me living it. i dont wanna have any regrets when i look back when im older. im not gonna be stupid enough to make a bad mistake, but im also not going to refrain from the parts of life that mean alot to me.

  7. just like to share my story with you guys...the first struggle i had w/ acne occurred when i was in 5th grade. i am in 11th now (junior) i always remember that that when i had one big zit surrounded by a few smaller ones right under my nose...my friend pressured me into popping tha huge s.o.b.and i did. thats when all hell broke loose. since then thru 8th grade i had acne effecting my face. i think in the summer of 6th or 7th grade, i had bacne. all over. my skin is pretty white so it showed easily. my friends tortured me..they were disgusted by it. ever since that one day at my towns community pool, i shyed away from situations that showed my skin. no pool parties, nothing. beach? hell no. one solution was one of those "wet suits". but after 8th grade, my face was never terrible. it was just my chest and back..then once high school started...bam. now it was everywhere. my cheek and jawline area covered. i tried many products, even all those natural remedies. none really worked. if so, it would just come back in a couple days. the worst part about it is, im really insecure. thus leading me into my new passion of bodybuilding. i have built up a pretty decent physique, but i cant show it because of my skin. my one friend and training partner asked me to pose in the gyms locker room mirror. i couldnt turn it down, he made me. he said if you were a little bigger, that acne looks so bad like you were taking steroids (a common side effect of roids) i then tried tanning booths, which helped only my body slightly, but once i discontinued it came back. it sucks.. because im a decent looking guy with a pretty good body. my acne sets me back from getting alot of girls. if i didnt have it id be so much more confident and girls would probly be more attracted to me. how could i have sex when i have acne all over my body? they would get grossed out. so im determined to get rid of this shit. its going alright. did 3 blue light sessions, not making much difference, but helping. also, ive been put on tazorac yesterday by my derm, because he wants to avoid accutane. if i was on accutane i would have to stop working out, which i dont want to do, but if it gets rid of my acne id be willing to take the risk.. kinda want to get it over with sooner than later. but this tazorac is giving me hope so im just gonna hope and pray.