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  1. Thanks for the feedback, guys! it really helps, keeps me going, morale high. Chest looks ALOT better, so does back, but shoulders and face still bad. my shoulders and upper arms are very weird, red marks, rashy? no pimples, just lots of red marks. face is a little worse at the moment. but chest and back looking pretty good!! this is day 35 i believe, going to florida next week. will i be able to show off my physique? hope so lol...if not, then summer
  2. day 26-losing hope. everything is still there. no change in skin at all. chest and back are even worse. face is normal and gross. wanna get moved up to a higher dose when i go in on thursday
  3. definitely!! day 13- IB going away, skin getting drier / less oily especially around mouth/nose, all over though. skin getting smoother, old spots drying up and healing, no new breakouts on chest or back, one more side effect- lower back pain! not too bad but makes me feel old lol
  4. Day 9- few whiteheads, tiny spots around mouth and nose, sore and annoying! plus a bad nosebleed today =/ a first while on this. guess its really starting to kick in. I'm on Day 5 today and my skin is definitely worse. It's like everything that was dormant before is coming out to play. And I'm dry at the same time! I feel ya.
  5. day 7- face a little red, spots painful, that tight sore feeling. initial breakout starting to come....yay. back is broken out bad, part of initial breakout probably
  6. day 5, kinda oily, broke out a little! a few whiteheads developed. start of IB maybe?
  7. morning of day 4 update-no side effects, no change in skin.maybe a little less oil production. scarring seems to me fading? not many new spots, existing spots going down a little, healing well i think.
  8. olive oil-150 ish calories per tbsp! sweet potatoes, oatmeal, regular potatoes, rice, umm almond milk maybe? honestly i eat everything, my skin sucks no matter what. need help with training let me know
  9. good luck!! im 17 just started claravis 40 mg yesterday
  10. just started yesterday 40mg a day. ill be your buddy
  11. just started taking claravis yesterday, 40 mg(20mg twice a day)..im a 17 year old male, acne on face back chest. good luck man hang in there! looking forward to your updates
  12. hey i hope youre doing well...i just started claravis yesterday, im 17 yo male. need any advice let me know
  13. im 17 yr old male, just started my claravis cycle yesterday, thanks for your updates and good luck!!! check out my log i kinda want the drying side effects to kick in to know its working, plus my oily skin pisses me off! im so tired of it lol. 20 mg twice a day total 40...may not be enough???
  14. day 1- not much changes duh ;p no skin changes or dry skin/lips..the only possible side effect is fatigue and headaches..i do get migraines frequently and actually had one today but theres also a pain accompanied with it, its a sharp shooting pain that lasts just a few seconds but pretty painful..
  15. recently turned 17, finally had enough. the process took about a month to get the damn thing after blood test confusions...but here it goes. ill be updating
  16. Thanks for the feedback guys! decided not to wait the month before going back to the derm; going back later this week hopefully. (last week i went on thursday). gonna go thru with the accutane, cant wait!
  17. hey guys, background info: 16(17 by the time i start accutane)(next month), male, tried everything on the planet to avoid accutane. i really dont mind it, but my derm wants to avoid using it because it is a harsh drug, and since i am an aspiring bodybuilder, my workouts would be greatly effected, and may have to be stopped all together. i have bad acne on my face (cheeks, underneath jaw, neck, chest, AND backk...since 4 years ago. my face used to be clear for the most part but my back was worst.
  18. hey guys, another quick log for ya's. basic info, age 16, 17 next month, acne on face chest and back, aspiring bodybuilder. my derm wants to avoid accutane use and only for a last resort because he doesnt want it affecting my training and its a very harsh drug. however, we will find out it a month if i will need it. theres 1 thing left we havent tried, and that is tazorac cream .1%. did tazorac .05 this month, some results but i guess not enough. i personally do not mind the accutane as long as
  19. Yes sir, carbs: currently potatos(sweet/baked/mashed), white/brown rice, oatmeal, bagels, bananas, pasta are doing trick for me. make sure most of your meals are from food sources not just shakes. protein from: steak, chicken, tilapia, salmon, tuna, cod, turkey
  20. 2 uses of tazorac going great for me! clearing scars fast as hell, transforming my skin. awesome.
  21. vcsteve

    nothing breakouts more likely to occur, liver stress im 16 yrs old, and have a lot of knowledge about nutrition since i am an aspiring bodybuilder. i am on a high protein and moderate/high carb diet right now and its probably 1 factor that increases my acne. protein puts a lot of stress on ur liver (and kidneys?) and i do know that the liver is the place where toxins are filtered thru and broken down and that stuff. so a healthy liver function will probably yield better skin, just my opinion
  22. vcsteve

    seems to be getting rid of scars, reforming my skin, pimples shrinking? makes my skin really really greasy and oily, breakout on nose i am a 16 yr old male using this as my last resort before accutane so ive pretty much tried everything...hoping this works. second night of application so still pretty early, but it seems to be completely changing the texture of my skin. good/bad? im not sure yet. seems to be fading my scars, getting rid of a few pimples kinda?? only problem is, my skin becomes gr