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nothing breakouts more likely to occur, liver stress im 16 yrs old, and have a lot of knowledge about nutrition since i am an aspiring bodybuilder. i am on a high protein and moderate/high carb diet right now and its probably 1 factor that increases my acne. protein puts a lot of stress on ur liver (and kidneys?) and i do know that the liver is the place where toxins are filtered thru and broken down and that stuff. so a healthy liver function will probably yield better skin, just my opinion

By vcsteve,

seems to be getting rid of scars, reforming my skin, pimples shrinking? makes my skin really really greasy and oily, breakout on nose i am a 16 yr old male using this as my last resort before accutane so ive pretty much tried everything...hoping this works. second night of application so still pretty early, but it seems to be completely changing the texture of my skin. good/bad? im not sure yet. seems to be fading my scars, getting rid of a few pimples kinda?? only problem is, my skin becomes greasy, not much of a relief from my already oily skin. my nose is broken out and irritated from tazorac. its greasy but painful like skin is burnt if that makes any sense..too early to tell but i hope it works.

By vcsteve,