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  1. Thanks for the feedback, guys! it really helps, keeps me going, morale high. Chest looks ALOT better, so does back, but shoulders and face still bad. my shoulders and upper arms are very weird, red marks, rashy? no pimples, just lots of red marks. face is a little worse at the moment. but chest and back looking pretty good!! this is day 35 i believe, going to florida next week. will i be able to show off my physique? hope so lol...if not, then summer
  2. day 26-losing hope. everything is still there. no change in skin at all. chest and back are even worse. face is normal and gross. wanna get moved up to a higher dose when i go in on thursday
  3. definitely!! day 13- IB going away, skin getting drier / less oily especially around mouth/nose, all over though. skin getting smoother, old spots drying up and healing, no new breakouts on chest or back, one more side effect- lower back pain! not too bad but makes me feel old lol
  4. Day 9- few whiteheads, tiny spots around mouth and nose, sore and annoying! plus a bad nosebleed today =/ a first while on this. guess its really starting to kick in. I'm on Day 5 today and my skin is definitely worse. It's like everything that was dormant before is coming out to play. And I'm dry at the same time! I feel ya.
  5. day 7- face a little red, spots painful, that tight sore feeling. initial breakout starting to come....yay. back is broken out bad, part of initial breakout probably
  6. day 5, kinda oily, broke out a little! a few whiteheads developed. start of IB maybe?
  7. morning of day 4 update-no side effects, no change in skin.maybe a little less oil production. scarring seems to me fading? not many new spots, existing spots going down a little, healing well i think.
  8. vcsteve

    Help With Reaching 4000 Calories

    olive oil-150 ish calories per tbsp! sweet potatoes, oatmeal, regular potatoes, rice, umm almond milk maybe? honestly i eat everything, my skin sucks no matter what. need help with training let me know
  9. good luck!! im 17 just started claravis 40 mg yesterday
  10. vcsteve

    Low Dose Accutane Buddy?

    just started yesterday 40mg a day. ill be your buddy
  11. just started taking claravis yesterday, 40 mg(20mg twice a day)..im a 17 year old male, acne on face back chest. good luck man hang in there! looking forward to your updates
  12. vcsteve

    Acutane Teen 17 Female

    hey i hope youre doing well...i just started claravis yesterday, im 17 yo male. need any advice let me know
  13. vcsteve

    Claravis Log 30 Mg (29Yof)

    im 17 yr old male, just started my claravis cycle yesterday, thanks for your updates and good luck!!! check out my log i kinda want the drying side effects to kick in to know its working, plus my oily skin pisses me off! im so tired of it lol. 20 mg twice a day total 40...may not be enough???
  14. day 1- not much changes duh ;p no skin changes or dry skin/lips..the only possible side effect is fatigue and headaches..i do get migraines frequently and actually had one today but theres also a pain accompanied with it, its a sharp shooting pain that lasts just a few seconds but pretty painful..