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  1. I think that carrot juice is healping my acne - but i take it daily - i started to get dry lips maybe also dry eyes - maybe i wonder if it has the same dangers ? cause im juicing 8 carrots a day i think it has as much vitamin a as the pill - right ? why does raccutane have to be taken constantly ? why the say you need to complete a cycle ? isnt it just stored in the liver and that shouldnt matter much ?
  2. My acne ? now im on antibiotics - allmost 2-3 months now and i do other stuff to - well all the white heads were gone but it now came back and now it big nasty white heads
  3. I actually do mindfulness - or at least want to do it lol I have dust allergy and when doing it it clears my nose completly - now it is about correct breathing but still - good results i dont know you all have a point - but what if ..... thank you all for your responses - except Chestrcool - you asshole ............. no just jk lol CVD,jennifer - very intersting : wonderful healing machine and will take care of itself. You can think positive thoughts...that's good but don't force thi
  4. I want to give this a try - imaging the skin is getting better - and it might clear my acne the problem is that i dont know what should i imagine - should i imagine the pimples and than seeing them go away or should i focus on my skin and think of it as smooth ? i think i can also do damage and make new pimples appear - so any advaise ?
  5. I take minocyclin (antibiotic) and its 2 months now so there is a chance it started to work just now but also its been 3 days since i started to take this joint suppelment - can he have any affect on my acne ?
  6. use probiotics - there great after antibiotics
  7. What i am asking you is - Do you think antioxidants alone can cure acne ? And also : i go to the bathroom to much now because of all the fiber - is there anything against this ?
  8. I eat it for 2 days dont think it works I ate also dark choclate so i am going to give that up and see do you think the antioxidants alone can help ?? i eat red beans oranges , lots of spices like oregano take turmeric suppelment also eat spinach peppers a little garlic whole wheat bread
  9. I am taking minocyclin and it still didnt do nothing for my white cystic acne - its the same no improvment but i (think) the red marks are fading - can it be from the minoycyclin ? ( i know that if i would have less white heads then its less red marks but i still get the white heads its just the old red marks seem to fade )
  10. im 4 weeks and see no improvment i think 2 months is enough to say it dosnt work right ?
  11. Its hard for me not to eat lots of food there is on way im elimanting foods + i used to be vegan and ate good but i still had acne im still vegan just on a break cause its hard now - so please no tips on avoiding foods I dont belive this will "kill" acne but it will help : so what i do what you think what i can add : drink tea at morning 1 green tea 1 cup of diffrent herbal tea + 3 cups of water i now am going to add cocunut oil to my food intake and i eat a huge salad once in 2-3 d
  12. 4 years is a lot of time - maybe its allready better accutane ?
  13. ok got it finally : each situation should be considerd on its on i belive that not listening to this music makes me weaker and less confident and in this situation i should listen to what i like and if will come guests that i will be ashmed of than thats fine cause it will be worse for my feeling to listen to what i like i think each situation should be considerd on its own : 1 . How much affect it will do on my image 2 . How much is that perone has affect on me and what are the cha
  14. great comments - ok a question to cocnutcaramel and anyone else : how to dress to not care also ? i like to dress like superman should i not care what pepole think - i would love to get some guiding lines here ! like some general rules - and to make it clear - im not afraid someone will say something or he will hit me but more like think im easeir to pick on and its not really my specific situation but more of a general thing of how to act in life - cause like : i wont dress as super
  15. ok i am confused again : if i listen to some type rock music they might think im emo and in my mind its better to listen to opera then that so now i dont know what to do again 2 things : 1 . i dont want to wear headphones 2 . you can allways be "yourself" extreme example : dressing like a geek and walking in a bad neighborhood but you will get beaten