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  1. acnescarsgone

    Help life ruined

    Update the skin healed a few days after that photo a tiny scar but nothing I can't handle my skin is a lot better
  2. acnescarsgone

    Help life ruined

    It's still not closing and is vety stingy not sure what to do
  3. acnescarsgone

    Please help

    I'm in the same boat I hate myself for doing it and always in fear of another scar but I'm never touching my face again! Im leaving mine alone to heal and see what the next few days bring x
  4. acnescarsgone

    Help life ruined

    Ok here it goes I am now scared I have damaged my skin to lead to yet another scar! I squeezed a large deep under the skin spot that wasn't ready it seeped and a little pus came out but the damage has now been done! I'm left with now a weeping deep spot on my face as through squeezing I removed skin as the force clearly damaged my skin! I have quite thin skin easily scarred so I'm now logging the recovery to help me not touch it look at my awful face. I hate myself and ant support would be muc
  5. acnescarsgone

    Acne journey please help

    Update my skin has now healed goes to show one week of healing means beautiful skin
  6. acnescarsgone

    Acne journey please help

    Update this morning it's looking a little better but I have a under the skin spot near the area Leaving it alone I'll update after the weekend !!!
  7. acnescarsgone

    Acne journey please help

    Day 5 the pink skin looks a little less pink still kinda dry and doesn't look like my normal skin so let's see what tomorrow brings
  8. I had red marks and currently have a new one after ascab fell off try microdermabrasion c
  9. acnescarsgone

    Acne journey please help

    Day 4 the pink skin is still pink just putting moisteriser on the pink skin as it still looks dry in places other than that leaving it alone hopefully in a few more days it starts to look better but at least it's not a giant scab !!!
  10. acnescarsgone

    Acne journey please help

    Update scab has come off and underneath is pink shiny skin anyone have any tips to get rid of the pink skin
  11. acnescarsgone

    Acne journey please help

    Update morning of day three the scab thing is peeking at the edges I'm refraining from pulling it off so washed my face told myself noooooo! Then applied mineral make up I'm going to go gym after work and keep busy so I'm not obsessing let's see what today brings I'll update again later!
  12. acnescarsgone

    A problem I have; can anyone relate?

    Yes I currently have a giant scab on my face any suggestions how to deal with this ?
  13. Hi I'm going through the whole skin picking thing at the moment I have a giant scab on my face that I pray won't scar! I'm leaving it alone and avoiding all mirrors! However try manuka honey and bio oil for the marks too match your skin colour
  14. acnescarsgone

    How do I stop skin picking!

    I'm going through this now any tips how you get on
  15. acnescarsgone

    Giant cystic acne wound, I'm scared

    Any updates how did it heal