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  1. Why Would Any Girl Want A Guy With Acne And Skin Problems When She Can Have A Guy With Perfect Skin Instead? Heres your answer: she wouldnt. But you do have acne so man-up. Life is fair to NOBODY.
  2. ive been there. and for the most part i am still there. look into at-home microdermabrasion and dermarolling. those are the most economic ways to try and better your situation. theyve helped me out alot and it can help you hopefully. good luck bruh.
  3. yea, people do have to be real careful with this stuff. its been about 6 months since i last did microderm. and my skins been recuperating well from that. i use it once a week and a half for exfoiliating. ive moved on to derma rolling. all in all: if done correctly and carefully microderm can be very helpful, and combiled with dermarolling can be a good 1,2 punch. i see considerate improvement in my skin, but its taken a long time.
  4. hell yeah, same story here. those chemicals took a toll on my skins texture and overall health. im only 20! and im jelouse of my grandmother's skin! who is 60 and only looks 30! WTF!!! .....sigh.......its DEFINETLY not fair. eh, but what is?
  5. the most professional advice would be to see an actual dermatologist. imo that may be the best place to start.
  6. i bought the Zenmed home microdermabrasion kit. so i did it myself at home following the instructions that came with the kit. i think it did mess with my skin's texture and enlarged the pores. perhaps a bit more bad than good.
  7. be careful with that microdermabrasion! because your literally "grinding/polishing" your skin. check out this persons gallery. i think his skin resembles yours alot. almost the exact same thing happen to me when i tried microdermabrasion. if/when you do it remember that its a process and to not rush anything. i hope this helps http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/user/35912-wangeltear/
  8. dermarolling will do you good. make sure to do your homework on the topic first though. theres videos on youtube on it. also have multivitamins and some vitamin A,C,E cream to put on afterwards. remember to be pacient.
  9. Perhaps if you think that one is deeper or larger than the rest. this is helpful: This other one is fractional co2 laser, see CASE STUDY 2: http://www.santamonicaskin.com/fractional.html The second link kinda looks more like the kind you have. keep in mind that, that person's face was probably still a little swollen. results might not be so well. but you never know. i hope this helps.
  10. mines are similar. i was thinking perhaps somesort of excision
  11. reading things like this really pisses me off that something as trivial as acne even exists. and how it can devastate peoples lives, including my own. my story is very similar to yours. im sorry that youve had to experiance this in life kaafee123. whoever said "Its a cold world" sure got it right.
  12. my 2 cents 3 things I don't like: - Horrible Fucking skin goddamn it! -im 5'9, i wouldnt mind being taller -and ofcourse i have to say it twice:ACNE 3 things I do like: -im hilarious, i can make anyone laugh. and not with stupid stuff either, im witty and clever as hell. no lie. -im athletic, my body is hella quick and strong. i love how my body has been so good to me. sadly my facial skin has forsaken me. -my face. the structure of it is beautiful. when i didnt have acne i was cons
  13. the indented scars would be best treated with perhaps some sort of excision. i dont see resurfacing doing much for them.
  14. im gunna be honest: the indented scars are pretty much permanent. unless you opt for some sort or resurfacing or surgery. those are the real scars. the discoloration will eventualy go away though. sadly, it will take a LONG time. about 6+ months. i wish you luck bro
  15. i get the same thing and its very annoying. tiny skin colored bumps, that when squeezed, a thin strand of "solidish pus" comes out. i'd also like to know if anyone has an answer.