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  1. I got my hormones tested and they said I had elevated testosterone levels. I've had acne all over my mouth, chin, jaw area for almost a year now. I've tried OTC products, prescritpion creams, doxycycline. none of it worked or even made a bit of difference. So I made an appointment with my gynecologist to prescribe me birth control. She asked what kind I wanted and I said whatever works best for getting rid of acne so she prescribed me natazia. I searched this website and couldn't find any info o
  2. That's great it's working for you. Well I just had my hormones tested a couple weeks ago to see if something was off with them. It's taking them forever to get the results back though. I am probably gonna try birth control as my next option depending on how the tests come back.
  3. I want clear skin for a lot of reasons 1) I was always bullied for being ugly even before I had acne, now I'm even worse. I just don't want to feel so ugly anymore. 2) So I can stop spending all my money on facial wash products and dermatologists appointment 3) So I can stop hearing ignorant suggestions from people to help clear my skin. Such as try proactiv or just wash with plain water it will go away or just relax you probably just have acne cause you're stressed out. I know they are try
  4. I doubt it. Unless you're applying to be a model or something like that. I had acne and I went out and applied for jobs anyways. I put some foundation over it but of course you could still see the bumpy texture underneath it. I still managed to find a job. I've been working there 4 months now. Since I've started my acne has gotten worse despite numerous dermatologist appointments but they haven't fired me or said anything about it.
  5. i've been on it 3 weeks almost and its also not helping.whats your dose? i take 100mgs daily,maybe we take too little? Yep I take 100 mg a day too.
  6. laura mercier silk creme is good so is ester lauder double wear, both have really good coverage. laura mercier is better though.
  7. I have acne all over my mouth, chin,jaw area (30-40 zits there) and a few more on my forehead. I've been on it for 5 weeks now and haven't seen the slightest improvement in my skin. If anything it's getting worse. Before I got prescribed doxycycline I was prescribed aczone and atralin for my skin which I used for two and a half months and saw absolutely no improvement. Before that I was experimenting on my own with over the counter products and tried witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, clean and
  8. I've only been on it for 5 weeks. I've still seen no improvement with my acne though. My dermatologist said it should take 2-4 weeks to kick in. So you should probably go back to the term if it's been that long.
  9. I agree with you. I used to have an eating disorder a few years ago. I struggled with anorexia and was hospitalized for it. Now recently I've been developing bad acne. We were learning in a psych class I'm currently taking that one factor that goes into developing an eating disorder is a hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalances also result in acne. So it makes sense a person could have both. I found this article when I googled it talking about how bulimia can be caused by an imbalance of sex hormo
  10. Thank you everyone. I don't eat the best. I rarely eat dairy or fast food, but I do eat bread and stuff and also sweets. Also I don't know if it's could be causing my acne but I used to drink diet coke every morning to help me wake up. This past month I switched to drinking caffeine free diet coke every morning. Is that still bad? it has no sugar or caffeine. I haven't had a regular diet coke in like a month, so no caffeine all month. But my acne is still no better. And I'm definitely alle
  11. Hey. I'm new here. I'm not sure if this is right section, but I was looking for advice on my acne. I'm 20 and I have it fairly bad around my mouth area. When I was in high school I would get around 2-4 zits a week. I was pretty underweight then though. Rarely ever got my period. The beginning of my sophomore year of college I gained some weight and it increased to 5-10 a week. Then this past year it like exploded all over my mouth, chin, jaw area and a tiny bit on my forehead. And it's not like