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  1. so anyway for some unknown reason I've been breaking out more. my face continually gets clear then goes back to hell. it's never 100% clear but I've gotten down to one or two pimples. those rare occasions are awesome. as of now I have about 20 pimples. about half have a white visible head and I want nothing more than to pop them with my extractor. pop pop pop pop. done. however I'm doing an experiment. no matter how ready to explode these pimples are i am not going to touch them. I've gott
  2. I told my boyfriend about my acne a few days ago. He said he loved me no matter what, but he can't handle how insecure I am, and keeps telling me to just stop.. He doesn't get it at all. Now I feel just as alone as I was before, and I'm pretty sure he's going to leave me, not because of my acne, but because of how insecure I am. I can't win. I've been crying all day and on top of it I keep breaking out, making me more insecure. I just want him to understand, but he never will. I'm done dat
  3. Believe me he's the first boyfriend i've told. It's crazy. I doubt I'll be prancing around his house bare faced anytime soon, but it makes it easier, because I become reclusive when I have a bad breakout, and he never knew why I would suddenly not want to hang out. Now I can just tell him I'm having a bad skin day and that I'm upset, and he will understand better. I can't wrap my head around that he loves me even with bad skin. It's messed up that I can't, but hopefully soon I'll understand
  4. Well I hope your situation works out for the best. :} Keep your head up. Acne sucks, but having people to talk to about it makes it a lot more bearable.
  5. so I started school two weeks ago, I moved into an apartment with my friend. The first two weeks were terrific, I met tons of new cool people and was having so much fun. My skin had a few pimples, nothing major. BUT then this past weekend it started to explode. Both cheeks and forehead covered. I havent broke out this bad since a year ago. My face hurts from cysts :/ I thought it was over, but it came back with a vengence. Monday morning I couldn't face the world. I hibernated in the ro
  6. Whenever I encounter people like your cousin, with worse acne than mine, who are able to live confident, care-free lives, I always feel more motivated and better about myself. I wish I had someone like that around me all the time, to serve as an inspiration! All my friends and family seem to have near-perfect skin so when they tell me to stop worrying it's harder to take their advice. I know what you mean. she lives in NC but i saw her this weekend and it is motivating. She was sitting bare fa
  7. I think my skin is breaking out because i have been forgetting to take my birth control. That is definitely the only thing that keeps me clear. I really hope it does, I move into my new apartment and a couple weeks and start at a new school. I just don't want to have to worry about my skin. I know, picking is so bad.. i've gotten better, i hardly ever pick. Hmm i heard mario badescu made good products. I might have to try it out. Congrats on being pregnant!! Don't let your skin get you do
  8. My skin has looked so wonderful for the past few months, and then BAM!!! BREAKOUT. it wasn't terrible, a few on my cheeks and on my forehead.. but then i picked.. oh the little thought in my mind. I'll just pick this one, and this one, oh and this one. a squeeze here and a squeeze there, and i'll be done. I'm so mad a myself. My skin is so red and the one's i picked are sore and I can't even cover them with makeup. I felt so gross, I didn't leave my house today.. It's not fair. My cousin
  9. CourtneyNicole

    Getting better.

    After a horrible breakout back in December from a bad reaction to new birth control, My face is finally clearing up, but I can't get it past this point and its frustrating.
  10. Hi! Let me first say your story is very inspirational and I decided to try your regimen. I got a good probiotic from GNC that has 25 billion bacteria and I believe 5 or 6 cultures. I've been taking them for 5 days along with the fiber and my face already is looking better. :} I'm kind of worried though, I stopped taking my bc 2 days ago because my hormones have been crazy along with my skin. I'm really trying to be healthy and injesting hormones is not. I just hope that this will not caus
  11. Okay I should be happy right.. I'm on vacation in Florida, but hey my skin is ruining it. Its not too bad but I still wouldn't dare go out without my mineral makeup on. Also I've been trying to eat super healthy like no sugar and no carb diet. My mom keeps getting mad at me cause I won't eat anything that my grandma makes. But seriously they eat a disgusting amount of fats, sugars, and carbs. My mom just has to say I'm going crazy about being healthy and that it's stupid.. I feel like no one un
  12. I'm not sure what I am gonna do with all the chocolate from Xmas that I will most likely get. I still am not 100% sure whether sugar affects my skin or not... :S Use Proactive! Too be honest I ate that whole snowman, it just kept taunting me. I kind of gave up on the don't eat sugar or carbs or dairy. I believe food does affect your skin, however people that go to the extremes of eating only raw veggies are crazy. They deprive their bodies of the nutrients they need for the sake of cle
  13. I know exactly what you mean, I use Dan's BP but because my skin is so sensitive and already dry, I only use it at night. I know the regimine calls for using it at night and in the morning but my skin can't handle the dryness. It really clears me up if I use it in the morning, but it's not worth my skin being so tight that I can't smile or eat with out it feeling like my skin is going to fall off. I honestly don't think there is anyway to make your makeup look good over BP, at least not on my