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  1. Just logged in for the first time in a while and this caught my eye, because I battle with chronic skin problems too. Hope you don't mind me asking, but have you ever tried avoiding all detergents, emulsifiers and other ingredients known to be either irritants or comedogenic? For example, Aveeno contains isopropyl palmitate which is possibly the most comedogenic ingredient out there. And most, if not all detergents have the ability to penetrate the stratum corneum causing irritation, TEWL and
  2. Hi (Dan) I'm trying to find out whether benzoyl peroxide kills Staphylococcus aureus and epidermidis. It's not particularly easy or obvious from searching Google. Just wondering if anyone on here (perhaps Dan) has read any studies which conclusively answer this question? We all know that Benzoyl Peroxide effectively kills the acne bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, but Staphylococcus is also an acne causing bacteria and plays a particularly important role in the formation of pustules and
  3. The only reference on that article is http://www.dermnetnz.org/acne/scalp-folliculitis.html
  4. I could not find any reliable information on the prevalence of scalp acne on Google... Maybe you are confusing acne vulgaris with folliculitis or dermatitis?
  5. If you can provide evidence to support your assertion that scalp acne is VERY COMMON I would be very grateful.
  6. For what it's worth I theorize that acne is some sort of evolutionary consequence of humans becoming increasingly hairless. Every single acne spot centres around a hair follicle. You will never get acne where you don't have hair (palms and soles) or where the hair is really thick (scalp, armpits etc). Acne only ever seems to affect semi-haired skin... You can eat as much crap as you want, rub sebum on your skin all day, grow bacteria cultures on your skin, get the skin as dry, inflamed and h
  7. As other's have mentioned the only thing that will work 100% for this is Accutane. Other options to consider that haven't been mentioned are Narrowband UVB (which could be used for a few months and would likely work very well) and blue light photodynamic therapy (405 - 420nm). I would be cautious about using too much BP on this as it may cause a lot of hyperpigmention, though would probably work quite well. Also note the sideburns are free of acne so I would recommend not shaving the
  8. Sounds encouraging. Congrats if true. I'm a little skeptical of first time posters claiming miracle cures though? If you could post a photo of your quasar device and a proof of purchase that would definitely add credibility to your post....
  9. I would say yes. If your hair follicle contains a terminal hair, that follicle shouldn't be producing comedones as the hair effectively keeps the follicle open and sebum and skin cells can migrate upwards and outwards without obstruction. It still might give you folliculitis though,
  10. Hi Tom Not sure if you're still following this thread but you mentioned something about the lack of evidence for Zinc Pyrithione. I presume you have read this study http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21919897 which concludes; "The molecular basis for the antifungal activity of the commonly used active ZPT has been elucidated, more than 50 years since its introduction, as utilizing a copper toxicity mechanism that targets critical iron-sulphur proteins". I'm aware it doesn't menti
  11. Hi Tom Thanks for your reply. May I ask on what basis are you such an advocate of Hegor 150 shampoo with 1.5% climbazole? As far as I can tell, it is not mentioned on emedicine.com or any of the other mainstream medical resources? But you are obviously very expert in the area so I'm very curious to learn what you've read about Hegor 150 shampoo with 1.5% climbazole? Do you have any data on its efficacy? Cheers Dave
  12. Hi Tom (Busby) Sorry to hijack this thread. What are your thoughts on using zinc pyrithione to cover off any potential fungal involvement? I'm not sure about using a product like Nizoral on my face as while it might help with seb dermatitis it might trigger contact dermatitis...?
  13. The layer of skin where Staph Epidermidis resides is dead. The cells are dead. No blood supply, nothing. Happy to be corrected but nothing you eat or drink is going to efffect a pathogen infecting a dead cell.
  14. You have black dots on your nose which might be Trichostasis Spinulosa or just plain old Acne Vulgaris.
  15. Looks like you have pseudofolliculitis barbae or sycosis barbae. All you need to do is stop trimming your beard. Don't apply BP because; 1. It will promote unnecessary deposition of melanin (hyperpigmenation). 2. Bacteria are not causative, they are only opportunistically joining in the foreign body reaction. Thank me someday