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  1. If Jasmine is your real name you CAN'T be ugly. There's no such thing as an ugly girl named Jasmine, it's not just in the cards. It's as consistant as gravity. Jasmine itself is a name of beauty. And people grow into their names, like I would never go with the name Paul, John or BOB (lol) I just don't look like a bob would look like. For instance, every single girl that I've know with the name Jennifer, has been beautiful as fuck. I know about 6 jennifers at my school who are hot, and lets not f
  2. yea, just go to publix or win dixie and pick it up. it is in an opaque (non-transparent), brown bottle. what it is, is an antibacterial liquid that you rub on cuts or scrapes, and cysts in this situation, and it cleans them out and prevents infection. and no it's not dangerous, except that if you use it on a cut or scrape it might sting a little.
  3. yes moisturizing will prevent oil buildup to begin with. In reality, your face is actually dry, which signals your sabeacous glands to produce ALOT of oil to make up for the dryness, now if you moisturize, it will hydrate your skin and your sabaecous glands wont need to make so much oil.