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  1. I tried taurine briefly. It had a very positive effect at first and then not. Common for me and I think for many with Accutane sides. I don't see any downside to trying it for as long as you feel comfortable with it. You believe this is due to the yogurt if I recall correctly? That is an interesting effect.
  2. Another person with unusual though not unexpected side effects from accutane. And that's just the ones who report it somewhere, even if only on an internet forum. It is vile how doctors poison people and are simultaneously seen as high status.
  3. Re: MSM Mode: Capsules, not powder. The powder is too bitter. Dose: 1-2 per day. 1000mg each I'm fairly senstive to almost everything, so use your judgment and increase the dosage if you need to. You have to find what works for you. I've found it only takes a few days to notice something, mainly digestive and bowel improvement. This leads to a mild increase in energy. After a couple weeks on it I notice it buys me about a day of being able to mess up my diet in small ways.
  4. srdo, before you leave the testosterone remember to post your idiodine regimen. Joseph, looks like a fairly complete if somewhat messy list. I've been on MSM again. Creatine and MSM are effective. MSM has helped me consistently with digestion and therefore energy. In regards to mucousal linings it's the most effective product I've tried for the price. I don't know why I stop using it, though stop I do. I think it's when I feel better my body makes my mind forget I need it. Overal
  5. Supreme crap. What a wrecking few days. One of the hardest things to deal with is the judo toss from seemingly nothing. I get into this state of wondering what bit of food threw me off. But is it food? I'm thinking the lining of the stomach and the blood brain barrier is thinned - or destroyed - by accutane. What then happens is a very sudden toxic build up and cleansing reaction. The last few days have been hell again.
  6. Yes, gelatin broths are good. You can buy gelatin and add it to some kind of liquid or soup.
  7. Estrogen dominance is the most likely, probably phyto. Some chemical analog of estrogen, in other words. Phytoestrogens in things like plastics and birth control are ripping apart natural fertility in the Western world. Increasingly this is everywhere. Accutane damages the ability to clear the system, so that is the most likely. ---- Everyone with dry skin issues: Take creatine monohydrate powder with juice or some light tea. Also MSM. Creatine is more important though. If you h
  8. Not to increase testosterone, to feel better. Zinc with magnesium is said to increase T levels. I didn't test estrogen levels.
  9. Tried that, although I don't have low T. Not good. Most current studies show trib doesn't actually work well. Joe suggested Tongkat Ali a while back and I tried that, it's better.
  10. Similar lab results in the past for bilirubin and high iron and low thyroid. Low neutrophils too. None of the results were that way off though. Which is typical with accutane side effects. Over the years I've corrected one or the other of the lab markers. Doing so hasn't changed anything. Regarding MJ: Yes, it's a reset for me too. Not a cure, but a good treatment. I still recommend creatine with juice. It's helpful, it brings water into the cells.
  11. There's got to be something, yeah, but no one knows anything consistent that works for others. Treatments that supposedly work are clearly either random or very personal solutions so far: drinking water, playing sports, juice and water fasting, eating scallops. You could try the juice/water/fruit fasting. A couple people report that works. If you do that keep in mind that those people who follow that tend to look like crap after a few years on it. I've been at this for 20 years an
  12. Hey, good job on posting the video above. I couldn't watch it through the links, it said UK only.
  13. There is no cure. If you've gotten hit hard enough - and Indigo, it's amazing how much you sound like me, truly freaky at times - then your body is permanently altered by accutane. The only thing that might work - Luck might do it. You could get lucky with some treatment, or have some quirk like 'drink more water and play sports', always my favorite for structureless cures. Otherwise you should move to Hawaii if you can. Chill. Get out in the sun. Forget about regular life. It's over.
  14. I did too, for about a year. Tetracycline is the one I recall. I've also wondered whether that made it worse. I was also trying a low fat diet - it was the 80s and that was the cure all for almost two decades - and I think that would also make the effects from accutane worse.
  15. Yeah, I've mentioned creatine before. It's a good one. I've tried candida cures. There's some drug you can get that wipes out all candida in your system, then you can re-populate with good bacteria. No diff whatsoever. xactly. What a lot of garbage out there, preying on the sick for money. It's time for a great cleanse alright, and I don't mean the health food store kind.