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  1. I tend not to get acne anywhere where facial hair grows, so just on my forehead and temples usually. I don't use any topical products.
  2. To join the rest of the population and not feel like a socially excluded person.
  3. I cut my own hair but not for the reasons you said. However, I kind of know what you mean.
  4. Friend of mine is in sales, has acne - treats it with BP as far as I know. VERY confident guy. He's face to face with customers, too.
  5. There was this one girl when I was at college that was super hot - she had an amazing body and was really nice - but she had acne, I got on with her quite well. She cleared it up (no idea how) and suddenly every guy was drooling over her, but she didn't go out with any of them, presumably because they ignored her when she had acne. Just thinking now she had the best legs/ass I've ever seen. I would say for most guys they see the acne and think they wouldn't be able to go out with her, but the
  6. Dairy free is a great step for most people. I was a big fan of drinking milk - slowly came off it and my acne cleared up quite well. Never drink milk now, apart from odd times in coffee/tea, in the new year I'm switching to green tea only, no milk. Occasionally I will eat dairy (cheese on a pizza for example if I'm out) but I try and limit this. Others have to do more than just dairy but for many it's a good start. My appetite puts me towards plain foods anyway - I often eat very plain food.
  7. Congratulations. That is a remarkable change.
  8. Food was never my issue, and just like you say it is all individual. For some people diet is, for others it isn't, the title of this thread is a little misleading. I have been clear for 2 years and for the first year I was clear I was eating fast food on almost a daily basis (part of the job). I have remained clear for 2 years, and did slightly alter my diet to a more healthy and favorable one, however, food was never my issue. My issues were all external, not internal. So, no...this is NOT
  9. Diet would be the first thing I'd look at. What kind of things do you eat now? As for hygiene type products, go for the most simple stuff you can find. I never wash my face with anything beyond water. That made a big difference. Where you don't have acne your skin looks fine. I wish you the best of luck.
  10. is there even a way to permanently 'settle' hormones. I got acne at 19, in the space of 2-3 years I changed pill 2-3 times and now on diane. still isnt keeping me completely clear, but ive never had acne before this time last year, not sure what changed in me to cause my hormones to really take some sort of affect. is there even a way to have a body like before we all had acne? its so easy to get hormones out of whack but so hard to fix it, if thats even possible :/ It's hard to fix with drugs
  11. As has been said already the foods you eat will have different effects on the individual(s) in question. This is why some can drink milk, and others are lactose intolerant. Some people have nut allergies that can kill them. It's individual. Either take a full intolerance/allergy test such as YorkTest, or eliminate foods you think might be a problem and see if it helps. For many simply eliminating either milk, dairy, grains, sugar, or some kind of combination of those works very well.
  12. Take a full food allergy/intolerance test. www.yorktest.com See where you go from there. In the meantime topical products can lessen the acne you already have.
  13. I would say severe. Get on the standard regimens posted here, if you clear it up to moderate maybe diet can help from there. I wish you all the best with your acne.
  14. I haven't heard of the Wai diet, I'll google it. Vegetables are over-rated for their reported health benefits, though.
  15. Take medicinal charcoal 3x per day. Sounds like an indigestion problem, could even be IBS. I had similar problems when I worked a stressful office job, although no skin issues, just gut problems.