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  1. Thanks guys! Day 22! Okay, so I missed posting a bunch of days! But you can't blame me, because I had a lot going on! Haha, well not much is going in my skin area. There were a few times where it was impossible for me to put on the Regimen. I'm serious - there was no way I could find a time and way of doing it. It was crazy. My skin didn't really freak out when it didn't get its BP and stuff, which is good. I think I have really resiliant skin because it has barely peeled or been dry at
  2. Well, I toned it down on the BP and my face doesn't burn anymore! Thanks, guys!
  3. That might be. I will definitely tone it down on the BP. Yes, I read the instructions, but I guess I ignored them. That's probably going to bite me in the butt. The only reason I used that much BP was because I couldn't seem to spread the small amount recommended in the first few weeks to cover my face, but I have learned my lesson, haha. Thank you for the advice. Hopefully this will stop the burning.
  4. So I'm almost a week into using the Regimen, and I have not experienced many of the symptoms that people do when they first begin using the Regimen. I haven't had any flakiness or dry skin at all. Right now my Regimen goes as such: same for morning and night - 1 pump cleanser - 1 1/2 index finger of BP (if i don't use this much, then I don't have enough to cover my entire face) - 1 pump of mosturizer. Naturally, my skin turns a bit red when I apply the BP (as it should, as far as i can
  5. Michaella's Regimen Log! Day One Okay, Ladies and Gents, I just got my Regimen in the mail this morning! I'm uber excited - especially because I woke up with this lovely zit above my lip! How in the heck did that happen? I guess the acne fairy devil must have once again blessed me with another darling zit. (so much sarcasm I almost choked on it). Anyways, I just did my first application of the Regimen. My face god a bit red, but it isn't tight or peeling yet. But after reading every one else