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  1. Must always moisturise. Also it is important to get the right product for your skin type. Normally for oil skin types, you sould generally look for gel type, lightweight, quick absorbing moisturisers which give a matted finish .
  2. Ok, first of all, I think you should really invest in some cool headphones. For me, I dont really care what anyone listens to as long as I don't have to put up with listening to something which I dont like myself. Think about it, if your room mate listens to heavy metal and have it on full blast then yeah.. I'll probably break the speakers. Everyone has their guilty pleasures and for me, I certainly have songs which I listen to myself on my own.
  3. lol I have so many things I dislike about myself... 1. Build. I'm kinda short for a guy, skinny also... I just find it hard to put on weight. No matter what I eat, I just dont put on kilos 2. My nose, forehead, eyebrows and head shape. 3. Asymmetrical face. One side of my jaw is bigger than the other >.< Being a perfectionist is just sooo hard.
  4. For me, probably anything with the exception of body parts. lol. Yes, I want it that badly
  5. You say that the forehead is the only place you have acne? Maybe it could possibly be that the oils or products that you put in your hair are causing it? Well, if you really don't want to go get a haircut from the hairdressers you could always cut it yourself, buzzcut it or go to the barbers. I dont think the barbers even care about the acne on ur forehead. I dont know where you're from but right now in Australia its summer and it's holidays. I personally would just go for a buzzcut and wear
  6. sigh, ur right... I just looked it up and it does seem like hypopigmentation and boxcar scar in one. Darn, Recell thing sounds really expensive.
  7. I dont see any scars at all, just active acne. Maybe it's just the angle of the light idk...
  8. Hi. I have a few scars which dont resemble "normal" scars. They arent indented nor raised, appear lighter than my surrounding skin tone and no bigger than 0.5cm. I've had these for a while now and I'm wondering what I can do to improve their appearance. I dont want to try needling because I'm scared it might make them worse >.<. Just to add to this, I've had several sessions of micro dermabrasion and I dont think it helped at all :/ What else can I try?
  9. ._. That is truly unbelievable... I was honestly expecting a few pimples when she said acne, but wow... how wrong was I. Must be hassle to spend so much time putting on make up like that everyday. Wish there could be an easy way out and just buy a face transplant (with no acne of course) XD.
  10. To be perfectly honest, I didn't notice any scars either until I saw the pic where you pointed them out. You have nothing to worry about because in a few months/years time I'm sure they will get slightly better to the point where you wont even notice them either.
  11. Wow... it's like we're living the exact same life.
  12. Yeah I agree with you. For me I dont think it mentally strengthened me, but I've learnt to cope since acne has rendered me lifeless. Very few people have said bad stuff about my acne because I rarely interact with people outside, as for family members, my mum has been quite supportive, and the rest... well, they dont really care. I dont really have a close relationship with family members, but I guess that's because of the way I was raised up. Thanks for the input, I will look into those a bi
  13. - As far as I know, I'm pretty sure I dont have any bad reactions from consuming those types of foods you mentioned. But I think it'd be a good idea to get an allergy test. - I do take supplements, just zinc and vitamin C though. Any other supplements you'd recommend? - Yes to that and I also change my pillow cases every night. I am fully OCD about my face and what comes into contact with it lol... My acne isnt bad, and I've got it under control, just dealing with marks right now which are ta
  14. Hey dudee, I love ur eyebrows in the first two images... The one with eyebrow filler looks really unnatural imo, maybe you should lay off that. Btw you have nice eyes (no homo) XD