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  1. so things are going pretty well...my skin is so smooth its freaky. i am actually not wearing a stick of makeup right now, and i feel ok...i just think i look better with it on to be honest. i did notice a sore spot surface on my upper lip area in the last hour or so...which is usually a sign of a nice, big pustule that's waiting to pop out. BUT i am going to leave it be, ice it when i get home and put my trusty old sulfur mask on it, and hopefully it will go away/stop it from surfacing but dryin
  2. things are going ok. i went out last night and got all sweaty dancing, which i think led to a small blemish surfacing on my chest. blah. i also noticed a small bumpy area on my forehead, near my hairline, which i attribute to sweating with makeup on. yuck. right now, my chest seems to be giving me the most issue. i have 2 that are STILL red marks, and this new one. i mean i still really shouldnt complain, but it's just the most annoying thing to wake up and see a new zit you didnt have y
  3. i have 2 baby whiteheads on my chin. it seems like they just popped up over the course of the day. i really dont know why i keep getting them in the SAME area. its all at the bottom of my chin. i feel like this past week i've had one at least everyday. and they are SMALL--people probably wouldnt even be able to see them, but i do and i can feel them. my chin feels kind of sore right now--perhaps bc of the 2 whiteheads?? UGH this is so frustrating, i just want to know why they are surfacing! the
  4. i go to skincare physicians and they are great! i see dr. sikora and she's SO nice...and young. you dont have to pay the $150 consult fee if you have insurance they accept--and they accept a lot of different providers. definitely give them a try because they have the TOP dermatologists in Boston working there.
  5. well...my mom just found out she has celiac disease, which is a gluten allergy. and apparently my grandma had it as well, so i need to get tested for it. i wonder if i have it...i dont seem to be intolerant to gluten, but my chances of having it are MUCH higher that i have a family history. god i really hope i dont. i wonder if i do have it, if a lot of my skin issues have been because of it? anyway, my skin is super smooth right now--i cant remember the last time it was this smooth, even my
  6. well, happy new year everyone! here's to a MUCH better year than 2011. worst year of my life, easily. my skin sort of had a little breakout--i think because of the traveling i was doing and all the emotional crap ive dealt with. I miss my dad a lot right now, and i've been pretty emotional the past few weeks with the holidays. that's always my trigger for breakouts...and how this whole saga with my skin even started in the first place. i had a couple really small whiteheads on my chin wh
  7. well i think things are on the mend. with makeup on your really cant see a lot of the small red marks. my skin is smooth though and i hope it gets better tonight and tomorrow. i took 150mg of my spiro and i think that may be the magical number for me. i am going to see my derm in another month and i think she'll recommend bumping it...its SO much better than 4 months ago. i wish i had taken this stuff sooner...so much money wasted on products that didnt work at all. my pores are much smaller now
  8. BLAH. i seem to be having a mini little breakout. i got out of the shower last night and a spot near my lip had magically erupted, which i popped and its going away--it doesnt hurt or anything, its just slightly raised... i woke up with some red spots on my neck (!?!) so weird, and a few small bumps on my jawline area. its not that my face looks broken out, i just notice these small imperfections more than anyone. i just really want everything to be nice and clear for new years eve. i need to ge
  9. im getting SO sick of taking these doxy. BLAH. my doctor said if my skin is really clear, i can start taking just one a day for a few weeks and then a couple a week and then none. i think im going to stick it out until the end of the year and then start to decrease it come january. i will be SO happy to not have to take them and worry if my stomach will get upset! i ate a salad once for dinner without carbs or protein and BAM...vomited everywhere like 20 minutes later. GROSS. used to happen to m
  10. so i got complements on my skin from my family over the holiday! they said the tone and evenness was really good and i didnt have any big zits like before. my mom said my skin always looked shiny before, and the spiro absorbs all the oil so hurray...guess it worked. it was really nice not having to worry about it and i even went barefaced in the mornings at my aunt's house!! this evening i felt a tiny bump near my nose and i did squeeze it a little just to see if anything would pop, and this
  11. i use the proactiv mask actually--it works well and i use it often--at least 3-4 times/week. i also use a sulfur face wash called plexion (but i get the generic cuz its cheaper). i got an Rx for it from my derm b/c my face flushes easily. it seems to have worked at smoothing my complexion and minimizing redness. it doesnt smell as bad as you'd think either! i recommend it if you are looking for something without BP or salicylic acid. i woke up this morning with a tiny baby whitehead on my c
  12. so i got kind of drunk last night after work at happy hour, and i came home and showered etc and i popped a small whitehead on my chin, then fell asleep with my sulfur mask on my face for probably an hour or so. i woke up and washed it off, then went back to sleep. when i woke up this morning the whitehead was completely gone and the area wasnt even red...amazing! i dont plan on sleeping with the sulfur mask on, but its interesting that it worked so well overnight. i started my active pills
  13. i feel like you started breaking out right when i started! i've been on doxy for 4 months in conjunction with spiro for 2 months (today!) and its been working well for me. i still get the occasional pimple, but its SO much more manageable and i just dont seem to care as much. my derm has me on 100mg of spiro a day, and its been fine. she told me that i should stay on the doxy for at least another 2 months, which would be a full cycle of antibiotics. i am hoping to get off them sooner than t
  14. so tomorrow i start my active pills and im hoping things will smooth out once im back on the hormones. its not like my skin looks broken out, its just not as smooth as id like it to be. i took 150mg last night and it didnt seem to do much hahah. anyway, the chest blemishes seemed to go away and are just small red marks which arent even noticeable really. i have 2 spots on my face which require concealer, but just a dab and im good. tonight im going to use my sulfur mask and get some sle
  15. well i decided to take 150mg today b/c my chest seemed to be breaking out and my forehead is bumpier than i would like...i took 150mg once last week and it seemed to help a little--smooth things out. i start my active pills on tuesday, so i should be good on 100mg for the rest of the week. i want to give the 100mg a chance since ive only been on it for like 2 weeks, but i am thinking that maybe 150mg might be my "sweet spot". if i need to take the 150mg in order to get off the freakin' doxy, so