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  1. I'm looking for an excellent brand of glycolic acid 8-10%. Can anybody recommend one? Also, is it bad to tan if you're using glycolic acid? That is, is one more prone to burning? Ive never used glycolic acid before. is there anything i should be aware of? thanks!
  2. hey there i've been having lyra treatments at an excellent dermatologist/laser surgeon at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago. I had my second laser treatment done last week, and can say that i have seen an improvement in my icepick scars. However, I'm hesitant to say how much improvement i've noticed because i'm not finished with all of my treatments yet. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up until i am sure i see a drastic improvement that's worthy of spending the money on. Either
  3. i just had some non-ablative laser treatment done too (in chicago at northwestern). my dr. couldn't stress enough how important it is NOT to tan before/after the procedure. this could result in leaving abnormal pigmentations of the skin. she said i don't need to avoid the sun (that's impracitcal--it's summer here!), but to make sure that i DO NOT lay out. i was instructed to apply sunblock every day regardless of how long i'm planning on being in the sun and to try and wear a hat as well if i'm
  4. is it possible for red marks to cause the shadowing effect that can make it look like you have scars (in fluorescent light or sunlight, for example), when it fact they're just deep red marks? if so, will nonablative laser surgery help this :?:
  5. hi, i just came across this while surfing the net. "Apple cider vinegar/lemon juice Clean your skin and apply either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball. The acid in these kitchen remedies helps flush out the pores and keeps the skin looking beautiful. Vinegar acts as an astringent and helps remove excess oil, kills bacteria, and normalizes the skin's pH. This remedy should work quickly." • "Another method using apple cider vinegar is to "steam clean" the face by
  6. what are orange peel scars? anyone have a picture of this? how do they compare to icepick scars?
  7. just wanted to mention that my grandma always told me to apply vinegar to my skin when i had a sunburn. it's known to reduce/eliminate redness, so i have no doubt that people are seeing improvement with skin tone while using this method.
  8. yeah,i tried vita-k last week for a few days and it totally made my face break out with these little tiny bumps...so, obvioulsy i stopped using it. what can i say? every product affects everyone differently.
  9. getting headaches while on accutane is a very common side-effect.
  10. hello everyone~ i had severe cystic acne for about 8 years and after 5 long overdue years i finally encountered a magnificent dermatologist who allowed me to go on accutane, for i had exhausted every other possibly prescription acne medication. (we all know the controversy that revolves around accutane, right? so many doctors are fearful of prescribing it.) after 3 rounds of accutane, with 6 month periods of not taking the meds inbetween, i now have clear skin. i am very cognizant of the fact
  11. hey again~ the exact name that the laser surgeon gave me was the '1064 nd yag laser'. from my understanding this is not the erbibum/yag, however, i could be wrong. i will definitely keep you updated as to how the treatment works out. i'll post after each individual treatment to let you know if there is any visible improvement. the first laser session will take place at the end of may and will continue through august, as there's a 2-3 week break between each treatment. from what i've heard, a
  12. hey there~ i have shallow ice pick scarring and my dermatologist, whom i have the utmost respect for, recommended that i try the v-beam laser. however, because the office where he currently works does not have the v-beam he is not able to perform this on me himself. thus, he suggested that i go to one of the top laser surgeons in the country (who happens to live in a city near me) and have him use the v-beam on me. when i went for my appointment with this laser surgeon he suggested that i ge