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  1. I got my 1.5mm and 0.5mm dermastamps in May.. In one week I stamped with the 0.5mm about three times. Then 3 weeks later I stamped once with the 1.5mm. I think it's too soon to see any real results, but I have definitely seen a difference. For one, my skin looks about 30% smoother under fluorescent lighting, the harshest lighting for my skin. I hope I can improve my scars further. This is my left cheek (where i have the most/worst scars).. my right cheek is not as bad. I have mostly rolling
  2. I am freaking out. I met her over Twitter a few months ago and we found out we are going to be in the same class. The problem is she tells me I'm pretty but she only has my pictures to go by since we've never actually met each other. Of course, my skin looks flawless with makeup on in pictures (also thanks to the filters/edits).. I wouldn't say it's terrible now, but it's definitely not 'flawless'. I have blemishes and scars. A little makeup will cover them, sure, but my skin won't look as flawl
  3. I've had some big cysts and pustules, deep under the skin, that have left NO scars or hyperpigmentation whatsoever. The whiteheads I get are small and they scab over, and they always leave dark little pinprick-sized spots of hyperpigmentation. I don't get it. For example, a few weeks ago I got a pustule on my left cheek. It seemed pretty deep, there was no head.. it hurt quite a bit. I left it alone for a few days and there still wasn't a head. I tried popping it, first blood came out, then
  4. it looks a lot like mine, except my scars are deeper. honestly, your scarring is extremely mild and i wouldn't recommend sticking needles into your face because it can go away by itself, especially given how mild yours is. i had some shallow rolling scars and they have completely disappeared over the years. but a 0.5 dermaroller should be alright though.. it's good that you didn't buy one of a longer length. good luck and it really isn't that bad at all!
  5. I would like to know this. i've scoured the boards and google and i've yet to find a conclusive answer.. most say that PIH is temporary and the skin will return to its original colour, but i have brown marks on my face that are almost 4 years old. 4 years ago i also scraped my shins and got a chemical burn trying to treat them afterwards. the results of that were scabs that fell off and turned into brown marks which are still visible on my legs today. i don't get it. does dermal hyperpigmentatio
  6. thanks for the suggestion. i just sent you a pm.. any other suggestions/insights? i'm really desperate. nothing seems to be working
  7. it's been 3 years and my marks have faded significantly but my skin still looks like this... i don't have much acne at all and it seems to have reduced so why is my skin still like this? will hydroquinone even work? PLEASE someone help me, tell me why my skin doesn't seem to be responding or healing. what have i done??? on top of that my skin looks extremely dry and dull even though it's oily???
  8. New papule under the right side of my jaw. Big whoop. Some whiteheads, one papule on forehead that isn't inflamed anymore. That's pretty much it. Could be worse, and it HAS been worse, so I'm not really complaining.
  9. So, for the past few months, I have been massaging the skin on my face daily and I haven't gotten a single pimple on my cheeks for almost 2 months. I still get a whitehead or two and whatnot, but not pimples like the ones I used to get. I massage my cheeks the most in a circular motion. It hasn't done squat for my PIH (well, maybe it has helped a LITTLE, but just a little), but it seems to be preventing the deeper pimples. I'm really hoping this is what's helping my skin and not just some phase
  10. Quite alright, but my PIH is still there. I'm also pretty fucking pissed because a guy at the mall tried to sell me a skin product claiming I had eczema, while pointing to my chest. THERE IS NOTHING ON MY CHEST. I have keratosis pilaris on my chest but it just FEELS rough, you can't see anything. There are no marks or bumps, nothing. He then started pointing to my cheeks saying that, "This is worse." I told him I wasn't interested and that I didn't have enough money, and he started to get quite
  11. I'm not talking about red marks but brown marks. I have some brown marks that are almost 4 years old. Although my PIH has faded significantly over the past few years (with the help of 2 sessions of a non-ablative laser. I did that 2 years ago and I've had extremely good results, and no side effects), my skin still remains looking blotchy and uneven. My marks are now nowhere near as dark as they used to be, but they still give my skin such a tired, dull appearance. I've taken all the suggestions
  12. i've been FAIRLY clear for quite a while now, i still get some small pimples but nowhere near as bad as i used to get them. they also seem to scar/hyperpigment less easily now. i would say it's everything i expected and a lot more. even though my skin still isn't perfect, i feel a lot more confident now.
  13. I don't mean severe as in the way it looks, but how long it has been there. I've tried everything. It's been almost 3 years (I have some marks that have been there for 4 years) and my skin still looks unbelievably BLOTCHY. Is it hopeless??? Is it dermal?
  14. I've had acne for as long as I can remember, but it never was really bad. I've ALWAYS had a problem with marks though, they just seem to accumulate and they heal so slowly. No matter how small the zit was, it always left a mark afterwards. Would taking zinc help? Food suggestions are welcome also. I took zinc for a few months, I didn't really see an improvement in my marks but it did seem to help prevent acne.
  15. I use Desitin and it does almost nothing for my pimples I use it on small papules without a head and they dry up about a week after, but I have no idea if the Desitin has anything to do with it since most of my papules heal in a week anyway. I find that it works best on pimples that have already been popped. Other than that, I've had pretty much no luck with zinc oxide/diaper rash cream..