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  1. Thanks I doubt I'll be posting heaps, but it's nice to have a pace to ramble on about these things every now and again! You should definitely give the blogging a go! I think we need more people looking at the preventative (so to speak) side of things, so it'd be awesome to have another voice in there. Best of luck
  2. I'm 22. I've had mild to moderate acne since I was a young teenager, both inflammatory and non inflammatory. My skin is oily and sensitive. As with most people here, I despised it. Being a little ill-informed about acne treatments and links between lifestyle and acne during high school, I allowed myself to be taken in by the promises of treatment from commercial skincare brands. I used their harsh products, and packed supposedly 'non-comedogenic' and 'oil-free' makeup on my face to hide the brea
  3. Hi moonbase, This is an interesting take on the acne/diet idea ... you've certainly got quite a depth and breadth of nutritional knowledge! I'm a nursing student with a bit of an interest in nutrition, and I was just wondering if you would mind compiling a bibliography? I'd be really interested to check out some of the sources you've used. It'd be a great resource for people who would like to look into these things a little further for themselves. Thanks