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    Reading, Shopping, Family and friends, Walking, but nowadays my interests don't consist of a lot, considering how I look/feel right now! :(
  1. Holly1988

    Week 11

    Thanks Paul and thanks for all your kind words and support since the start! You've helped me more than you think!
  2. Holly1988

    My Fight With Acne...

    Thought I'd share my pictures with you all... It took a lot to take these... All comments appreciated. I guess I have a mixture of abscesses and acne spots so I'm not sure if anyone else is suffering the same but I'm sharing anyway! Hopefully by the time I stop uploading I'll have clear skin! :)
  3. Holly1988

    Week 11

    Hi Guys, Well, what can I say! My skin is clearing up SO fast now! Woo Hoo! Up until about three weeks ago things were going so slow and my skin seemed to be getting nowhere. My faith in Tetralysal was fading fast! But, what seemed to be over night, my skin seemed a lot less red, a lot less painful and the lumps stopped coming! I noticed after a few days that my existing lumps started to turn very hard and numb to touch... After this stage, I noticed they were shrinking! Now there is just
  4. Holly1988

    Tetralysal 300Mg (One A Day)....

    Week 4: I have to start, of course, by saying I hope everyone has had a great Xmas! Also, sorry I have not added for 2 weeks but I was involved in a car accident (not my fault I must add!) completely lost my car in the crash and came away battered and bruised but I'm much better now! Was lucky to walk away! Phew! Anyway, just in to my fourth week of the antibiotics (300mg a day) and Vitamin B5 complex (2-3 grams a day). Overall there has been a definite improvement. Still getting the
  5. Holly1988

    Tetralysal 300Mg (One A Day)....

    Thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot! It's made a lot of sense to me. I have been feeling EXACTLY like you described in your last paragraph. I know they say things because they "don't know" but it still leaves me feeling a bit raw. Luckily my partner had a quiet word while I was out the room one day and not a lot gets mentioned any more. I have been lucky enough to find a partner that is really supportive and listens to me when I want to talk and sometimes cry. I could never th
  6. Holly1988

    Tetralysal 300Mg (One A Day)....

    Day 15: Well, first I'd like to apologise for my late start! Only just discovered this website (and how to use it!)... I have suffered previously with acne when I was 15, this cleared and stayed in control with a boost of antibiotics and the Dianette contraceptive pill. Until I decided to take a break from my pill at the age of 22 (Nov 2010). I then decided to go back on Dianette in April 2011 but my GP prescribed me a different pill called Serezette. This pill and stress from work etc caus