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  1. So I went to the doctors yesterday and told her I felt like the 50mg twice a day was not doing much. She said she could up the dose to 100mg twice a day and i'm kinda of nervous. I've read alot of thing about antibiotics working then once your off them it stops. I dont wanna get clear skin for a month then have it all come back. I'm also using orthotricyclen (however you spell it) for birth control. My doctor swears that with the two combined it should take away the acne. I'm praying! I'm al
  2. hey! so i totally know what you're going through! one thing i saw that your using is the cetaphil products. i tried those once and it seemed to make my face way worse! and i eventually had to change products. im using the Simple line of face washes and they are really good! Just a suggestion And if you dont mind me asking, what prescription are you on? i've been on minocycline 50 mg but it seemed to have stopped working!! thanks!
  3. well im going to the doctors today. it seems that because its an antibiotic im getting immune to it and its not helping anymore. it seems like i always still have white heads popping up in my jawline area! it sucks so bad. im considering going on accutane beause i really want clear skin. i figure its been a year now ive been dealing with it whats another 6 months on accutane to try? Ive been wicked depressed because of my face like not leaving my house, its horrible. and tomorrow is my birthd
  4. Hey everyone! I know its been forever since I posted but it's only because I've stopped obsessing over my face! thank god, such a horrible stage i went through! I just wanted to update the changes I've made in my daily regimen. hopefully it can helps others who has hormonal acne like myself! Go to the doctor!!! I waited way too long to go. I always thought you had to go to the dermatologist and I couldn't afford it so I never went. Luckily, doctors can prescribe you with stuff! For the la
  5. So once again i'm back to post to update what I've been doing differently! First off, I stopped using Cetaphil. I felt like it was more just sitting on my face then actually cleansing. I also used it in the shower in the morning so that may have caused that. But it wasn't keeping my skin clear at all. I still got pimples on my jaw line and cheeks. I also stopped using Aveeno moisturizing because someone told me it had something bad in it. It was causing like small flesh colored bumps close to
  6. So I havent posted in forever, sorry I realized I was becoming obsessive over my acne and worrying so much about it that it was causing more stress and even more break outs! I still havent found a cure but I have found some things out. Maybe they can help you too AS for drinks and food. Ugh! hardest part for me because I love soda and my sweets. As for the soda I try not to drink it at all anymore. If i do have a soda i make sure to drink double the water that day to help flush it out. I st
  7. so i recently bought a cleanser that has helped with almost all of my active acne, thank god! but now im left with horrible red marks and scars on my face. make up helps but not really. i wanted to try doing a facial mask. i heard honey is the best but i want to buy real organic honey so i know that it will work and work faster then processed honey. any local stores or websites would be nice. thanks
  8. Hey everyone! I noticed my acne is in one general location. Any reason as to that? Well I attached a photo to show you what I mean. The lower right side of my face is where there is constant active acne. My left side is mainly just old red marks. A active pimple only comes up every now and then compared to the other side. Anyways, I hope someone has gone through so they could help me. Thanks and yesss im in a robe lol
  9. not a guy but know this feeling. i recently got laid off my job and i hate searching for a new job because i feel so self conscious about my face! i still havent found a solution and its been a while I rarely go out with friends unless its like an event i cant miss. anyways, i hope things get better for you. this feeling isn't good but you have to stay positive!!
  10. No, actually i dont think im going overboard. do i need to actually copy and paste this again? i think so.... if you would like to help me cut out dairy then i appreciate the help but if you're just going to comment and say how food doesnt affect acne then just don't comment at all. im looking for help not set backs!
  11. well clearly people do have reactions to certain foods. and i hate how people say it doesnt affect our acne. I know a friend who tried everything for 2 years to get rid of her acne. and the thing that helped was....cutting dairy from her diet. so i posted saying i just wanted help to see if i could try to cut it out and see if that was the contributing factor to my acne. if you would like to help me cut out dairy then i appreciate the help but if you're just going to comment and say how food
  12. woah everyone! i never once said i was allergic, lactose intolerant or had an type of disorder. I am simply trying to cut dairy out because I wanted to see if that was being a contributor to my acne. many people can become lactose intolerant in an older stage of their life. you shouldn't comment if you're just gonna try to bring my dairy diet down! thanks to the two who actually commented trying to help!
  13. So I decided to cut dairy out of my diet to see if that's a result of what is causing my acne. this seems like it is going to be very difficult. I barely drink milk or eat ice cream but I know dairy is in a lot of stuff. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some really good alternatives while im cutting dairy out. maybe some ideas of other foods i can eat and drink. thanks, anything will help
  14. So I decided to stop the current cleansers I have been on, which are cetaphil and burts bees. The reason I stopped using cetaphil was because i noticed i was developing small flesh colored bumps on my face that I never had before. It also felt to liquidy to even lather in your hands and I never saw suds no matter how long lathered it. AS for the burt's bees, i was so stupid to believe 100% natural and think aw this will be fine it's all natural. well i was wrong, the menthol in it stung my face
  15. thanks! i've been trying to eat one a day. but i just went to the grocery store so i have plenty of other fresh veggies around so i've been snacking on them! any veggies you suggest i eat daily?