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  1. Words of wisdom right here. Some people don't understand that masturbation can be a real problem for some of us. Not just for acne, but our entire well being.
  2. Porn as NEVER been as easily accessible, hyper-stimulating, and isolating as it is today. I recommend this site for anyone who is interested about the effects of porn on the brain. Perhaps excessive masturbation/porn is the CAUSE of the underlying imbalance. I agree completely with this. Masturbating completely drains me of my energy. I have been visiting support group site specifically for masturbation and/or porn addiction. Amongst the various recovery stories I've read, clearer skin is ofte
  3. Just curious. Why are you ethically opposed to eating eggs and dairy? No animals are harmed. The eggs are unfertilized. Hens lay eggs every day, fertilized or not. They will sit there and rot or get eaten by some other animal if we do not use them. Assuming the animals are properly cared for, there is absolutely NOTHING immoral about eating eggs and dairy.
  4. I've been looking forward to the updated version for a while now. The first post is already very informative.