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  1. I've been using natural mud masks for years. It's a nice addition to your regimen, but doesn't do wonders. I usually go with black natural mud, mix it with warm water. Depending on how my skin feels, I might add honey/essential oils/lemon juice/couple drops of oil.
  2. First of all, I'm so sorry about your experience with that teacher (I know what that means, I had a similar thing happen to me) and that you're breaking out. I'm breaking terribly right now, too. I thing it has a lot to do with hot weather & sweating. You should take Diane-35 for at least 3-4 months and if you see no improvement, then look for something else. Don't go back and forth between two OC, stay consistent with Diane-35 and see where it gets you. I also strongly advise you to hav
  3. I've been crying all night, now my face is puffy, red, inflamed and extremely painful. I can't bear to look at my reflection, I just burst crying. My acne is at its worst and I'm literally out of options.
  4. I stopped using it, because I started DKR. I was really afraid that EVOO will break me out, but it didn't. My skin felt so soft and moisturised. However, there are people that didn't get good results with it. It's pretty hard to get jojoba oil where I live, maybe I should order it online, but shipment to Lithuania probably will cost more than the oil. Oh, well.. I'll stick to my simple regimen without jojoba oil. But I'd love to try it.
  5. @ Jamiefaith2 I've used tea tree oil as a spot treatment for a long time and it worked. However, I don't think that it will moisturise the skin very well. Coconut oil is highly comedogenic, but it somehow works for many people. When I tried coconut oil, it broke me out. I recommend to try extra virgin olive oil (make sure it's extra virgin), but in small amounts. Add couple of drops to your moisturiser (but it leaves that greasy feeling) or apply it on your face and wash it after 20-30 min
  6. Well, I remember my first weeks.. My face looked like crap. It was extremely dry, flaky, red and I couldn't even laugh, because it hurt! What you're experiencing is totally normal. Stick to the regimen precisely, apply everything very gently and the most important - be patient! I'm on my 6th week and things are going so much better! I saw the major improvement at week 3-4. By the way, I don't recommend you use AHA on first weeks. Your skin still isn't used to BP, so AHA just will make things wo
  7. Couldn't deal with flaking any more, so exfoliated with brown sugar and olive oil. Skin feels sooo smooth, but I'm almost sure that I'll break out tomorrow. Like always. Fml. That's really weird. My skin is A LOT better, but I feel much more disappointed now than I did when my skin was a total disaster. Higher standards, I guess. :\
  8. Pretty good overall just some very small pimples appeared on my jawline, but they'll go away. And my skin really likes aloe vera gel. Why the hell didn't I try it earlier?
  9. Try to increase the amount of lemon juice you're using on your skin or apply them more often. If that won't work, try a vitamin C gel, many people said that works. Good luck.
  10. I love Placebo/Nirvana/ Radiohead/ Stereophonics/ Oasis/ Bright Eyes/ Sigur Rós. I could go on and on. All this music really helps me to go through this. Sometimes, when I feel really depressed/ angry/ disappointed I like heavier music ( deathcore/ metalcore/ death metal ).
  11. Ohh man, those days suck. :\ Can I be a guy for a week every month?
  12. 6 cups of black coffee (no sugar/milk) Steamed vegetables A handful of almonds.
  13. Thank you. :> Yes, that felt really good. For a large amount of time I wasn't able to normally socialize with people and feel confident without wearing a bunch of foundation. Now I feel free. And much more happier, of course.