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  1. Hahahah thanks The redness is my normal skin colour, I'm a red head hahahaha, so i can't escape that one The holes have been there for over a year now and it's really bugging me. Thanks,
  2. Hey guys and girls, Just wondering what your results from TCA Cross are like. Also home or professionally done? If there is anyone knowledgeable on here would you also be able to tell whether or not it would be possible for my nose? The holes are really visible and are larger than they appear in this picture, Thanks
  3. Hello Everyone, I have had a multitude of rather deep holes in my nose after picking 'dry blackheads' i have left them alone for about a year now and they have not healed. As these are on my nose, it is rather embarrassing for me and it effects my general self-confidence. These holes in my nose are everywhere and i feel it will be hard to find a partner because it looks quite bad. I am wondering on how i might be able to fix these holes/scars and make my nose smooth/filled in again.