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  1. i agree. So much for improving the website. Now it just confuses everyone especially long time members. I'm really unhappy about this and Im pretty sure many other members are as well. There should have been a vote on changing the whole structure. I appreciate what you admins are doing but goodness, I can't find shit! It's so inconvenient...
  2. dude, this new layout is so confusing and not user friendly at all. I totally agree with green gables. Everything is way too generalized and for future new members, it would be hard for them to search for specific topics. I don't see the problem with the old layout. If anything, it made it much more convenient instead of having to search crazily for certain forum topics. just saying
  3. congratulations! im thinking about starting yasmin. are you still on it? and how is your skin doing now?
  4. Hi I know that wild caught salmon, sardines and mackerel have a good amount of Omega 3's. I also became aware that they have a high level of vitamin b12 which can cause acne. Is it safe to consume a lot of salmon and sardines since they do have a lot of omega 3's. I'm just worried the b12 will cause more breakouts instead of helping my skin. Any input please? Thanks!!
  5. Hey Everyone So I've been trying to take different supplements to see if it could possibly reduce my acne. I started taking 30mg of Optizinc again for the past two weeks and its causing me to have excessively OIILER skin in addition to an elevated sex drive (Btw, I am FEMALE) I already know I have high testosterone/androgen levels and I know zinc could play a part in possibly increasing it but I thought zinc was supposed to stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT which is mainly the caus
  6. Im 23 though? Im not just going through puberty if that's what your trying to say. lol
  7. Hi Everyone, I don't know where to categorize this questions so I'll ask it here (if the mods can move it to the appropriate section, that would be great) I'm a female and I masturbate like 5 times a day. Yes, i know.. Crazy right? I do believe it's due to the high levels of testosterone that I have. (Thanks PCOS) I do have sex on a normal basis and it seems like it isn't enough. I feel like my sex drive is that of a young male. I was wondering if masturbating raises testosterone in fema
  8. Hi Green gables, Im sorry im really confused. I thought high progesterone leads to high androgens? Not the other way around? My dr said that I have a slight elevation in my androgens and prescribed me ortho cept yet Im very hesitant in taking it cuz of the side effects esp the initial breakout. If you have any input, let me know please. Also, when I drink soymilk or eat a lot of soy, I also break out really bad. Im assuming its b/c of the estrogen (phyto). Does that mean I'll probably break o
  9. Why do you say Dianette and Orthocept are the best in conjuction with Spiro?
  10. Just wanted to hear your opinions and experiences with it. It would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  11. Glad to hear your clear. Nice to hear from you again betsy! How long have you been off OTC? and your still clear? Thats great.
  12. Why do you say tri phasic pills wouldn't help in clearing acne?
  13. haha generics = THE DEVIL! By the way, I wonder where the heck Betsy went. I miss her ='( Betsy come back! Anyways back to my update girls, it's been a few weeks since my last post. 2nd Pack Brand Name OTC drum roll.......................I'm LOVING the name brand OTC so far. I just took my first pill of the 2nd pack. Few things I noticed that are different from the generic vs. the name brand. 1) My period is lighter. WAY lighter. On Tri Sprintec, I was bleeding tremendously like I wa